Badger hydrovacs can bore up to 50 holes in one day

By: Badger In  09-12-2011
Keywords: Piling Holes

Pole Holes

Digging installation holes (of varying diameter and depth) for all types of poles including: power poles, traffic signals, light standards, signs, fence posts, etc. A single Badger unit has dug as many as fifty pole holes 61cm (24”) diameter x 2.1m (7’) deep in one day.

Piling Holes

Digging installation holes and foundations for structural support (varying diameter and depth). Piling holes may be exploratory (friction piles) or full depth (end-bearing piles). Badger has installed as many as 1,000 piling holes on a single facility.

  • Utility poles, traffic signals, light standards and sign posts
  • Pole removals and replacements
  • End-bearing piles
  • Pilot holes for friction piles
  • Spread footing piles
  • Well monitor installations

Keywords: Piling Holes

Other products and services from Badger In


Excavation, slot trenching, shoring, utility locating, tank and pipeline cleaning

The company is currently involved on dozens of ongoing projects across Canada and the United States including DOT work, fiber optic installations, refinery maintenance, and pipeline facility work. Other unique applications include utility pole holes, excavations inside buildings, debris removal, and the sinking of shoring cages over buried facilities up to 8.5m deep.


What is shoring? - Badger Assisted Shoring Systems (BASS

These shoring products are used to ensure safe access to buried infrastructure by securing or “shoring” the walls of an excavated site. The result is cost effective and safe access by regulatory standards to the buried infrastructure with minimal environmental impact. Badger Shoring Systems is an industry leader in the design, engineering and supply of excavation shoring systems.


Debris Removal/Cleanouts and environmental restoration

Badger removes practically any type of material (earth, water, sludge, spills, debris, etc.) that needs to be excavated or displaced. We can backfill with any type of material and sod or patch the surface to leave a clean, fully restored excavation site. Badger has removed as many as sixty full tanks of debris from a single culvert cleanout. The use of our water system also assists with cleaning during or after debris removal.


Service and Maintenance Pits - Badger Daylighting

Badger excavated service pits serve a variety of functions in the oil and gas and electrical and water/sewer utility industries. Badgers can safely expose both known and unknown buried utility lines as new gas lines and tie-ins are installed. The communication industry requires service and splice pits. Slot trenching for installation or investigation.


Hydrovac Slot Trenching - Badger Daylighting

Badger slot trenching provides a safe and non-destructive method of digging trenches for water lines, wiring and pipeline installations or excavations. Badger has dug trenches up to 3,000 feet long. Badger trenching for waterline installation.


Potholing. We call it Daylighting

Potholing or Daylighting safely exposes underground utilities without risk of damage compared to convential backhoe digging. Daylighting is a more comprehensive term - it means exposing underground utility lines to daylight. Both terms are used to describe the excavating of buried facilities using vacuum excavation. Most people call it potholing but we at Badger prefer daylighting.