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By: Alternative Fuel Systems  09-12-2011

Calibration & Diagnostic Software


AFS’ USB Datalink communication tool enables programming, calibration and field servicing of AFS controllers.  This recent addition to the AFS product line uses its own microprocessor to manage communication between the controller and any standard USB port of a Windows-based PC.  Speed and reliability are markedly improved compared with older serial port communication tools.

An enhanced version, the Datalink Plus, can function without a PC in stand-alone, unattended data storage mode.  This device stores selected operating data to a built-in flash memory card for later download and analysis on a PC.  Able to store weeks of data at a time, this has proved a very useful troubleshooting tool for capturing events that can prove difficult to repeat, or for “replaying” key sequences such as emissions certification cycles.

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Alternative Fuel Systems Inc

Our electronic control and alternative fuel management products are engineered to help you meet the aggressive power, emissions, cost and reliability balance that the modern automotive marketplace demands. We supply certified OEM-quality equipment to manufacturers of new cars, trucks, buses and stationary engines, as well as to aftermarket fleet conversion specialists.


Alternative Fuel Systems Inc - pressure regulators

The Falcon’s coolant circuit offers superior heat transfer capability for extended high power operation without freeze-up, and the design ensures that erosion from dirty coolant cannot cause a gas leak. The AFS Falcon natural gas pressure regulator reduces high pressure in a vehicle’s storage tanks to a constant, lower pressure required by its fuel injectors.


Alternative Fuel Systems Inc - electronic ignition systems

Our user-friendly software allows full control of ignition timing for optimum performance, and can be used with or without a manifold absolute pressure sensor or throttle position sensor. The ignition coils provided with the Raven system are specially designed for demanding natural gas service, incorporating a diode to prevent engine-damaging pre-spark.


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High horsepower engines required up to 12 light-duty injectors -- they can now be replaced by 3 or 4 of our Gs units – each flowing 2 to 3 times more than common automotive injectors. A specially-engineered polymer seal avoids the wear problems associated with metal-to-metal sealing surfaces, resulting in superior durability even in dry gas applications.