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By: AltEnergyMag  09-12-2011

Apricus introduces The WOMBAT, a revolutionary solution for domestic hot water and space heating projects. The single footprint design provides thermal energy for residential and commercial solar applications while its unique patent pending features offer an easy-to-install, cost-effective solution for solar thermal combination system integration. The WOMBAT fills a gap in marketplace allowing more homes and businesses to benefit from solar energy.

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Who we are and what we doUnirac leads the PV mounting market with industry-leading technology and a breadth of product solutions and services designed to meet the needs of any type of solar installation. We start with the voice of the customer. Unirac collaborates with installers and system integrators who work with a variety of structures and PV modules, in order to deliver mounting solutions that offer the freedom and flexibility, along with the speed, ease and low cost of installation they are looking for. By partnering with the industry's premier integrators and distributors, Unirac delivers custom-designed solutions using highly engineered mounting technology, backed by excellent end-to-end technical support.

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Our broad and growing portfolio of PV materials is key to both crystalline silicon and thin film solar cell and module manufacturing. DuPont materials include films, resins, encapsulation sheets, flexible substrates and photovoltaic metallizations, as well as high performance seals for solar cell manufacturing equipment, wet-etch additives for semiconductor texturing, and metallic sodium. These innovative materials from Dupont allow solar modules to run more efficiently and last longer.

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The SunEye 210 is an integrated Shade Analysis Tool for solar site assessment. It includes a fisheye camera and a dedicated on-board processor to perform digital image processing and analysis to compute shading and solar access percentages. It includes an electronic compass and inclinometer enabled to measure roof pitch and azimuth.

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The Rayport AET-430 is the first and only Stainless Steel PV roof mounting system available in the US and Canada. The Rayport is wind-tunnel tested to 120mph and has provisions for direct mount to the roof. Integrated grounding clips and fasteners, along with only 3 part numbers to order contribute to industry-leading assembly times. Rayport fits most framed PV panels along with many frameless panels. Panels are aligned in landscape at a 10 degree tilt and also include EPDM rubber feet under each tray.

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SUNERGY inverters provide power optimization through PARALEX array architecture, ideal for commercial installations of all sizes. The inverter is uniquely designed to operate at extra low voltage enabling solar panels to be connected in parallel. The result is improved energy yield per installed kilowatt and superior safety with the elimination of all high DC voltages. The PARALEX array architecture enables the highest overall system performance ratio, with maximum resistance to any non-ideal conditions such as partial shading and mismatch losses, ideal for long term system reliability.

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Available for shipment in early 2012, the Schneider Electric XC Series is a new line of central inverters designed for high efficiency and flexibility for any PV panel type and installation. The XC series has peak efficiencies of 98.7%, and its flexibility allows the inverter to be configured with voltage and power outputs up to 680 kVA. In addition, the XC series is designed to allow for DC inputs up to 1000 Vdc for longer string lengths.

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Trojan’s Industrial Line of deep-cycle batteries is the newest addition to Trojan’s lineage of high-quality flooded batteries for renewable energy and backup power applications. Designed to support large daily loads where the batteries are cycled regularly, Trojan’s Industrial Line batteries are ideal solutions for a wide range of photovoltaic (PV) systems including large off-grid PV systems, off-grid hybrid PV systems, grid-tied PV systems with battery backup, smart grid peak shifting systems and a variety of other applications. Tested to meet both IEC and BCI standards, the Industrial Line features advanced battery technologies that deliver reliable power and is housed in a dual container construction for enhanced battery protection. Engineered for high-energy requirements, the Industrial line delivers 1,500 cycles at 80 percent depth-of-discharge and features advanced battery technologies that provide high performance.

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The Tigo Energy™ Maximizer Solution begins with small, reliable electronics on each module which enable module-level power point tracking for up to 20% more energy output. The system also captures module level output data to feed an advanced analysis engine. This automated software enables real-time module level performance views, sends alerts for system faults or module theft, and guides targeted maintenance actions. The net result is informed, active management which minimizes O&M costs while keeping the system running at peak performance. Additional control capabilities include the Tigo Energy™ PV-Safe Feature for arc detection, thermal overstress and shutdown in case of maintenance or fire emergency. Compliant with relevant UL, CE and FCC requirements and CEC listed, the Tigo Energy Maximizer Solution is a cost-effective addition to existing or new utility-scale, commercial or residential projects. Contact Tigo Energy at .

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As the largest and most experienced solar manufacturer in the USA, SolarWorld's Sunmodule solar panels are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, performance and durability. The mono-and polycrystalline products from SolarWorld come in variety of sizes, making them suitable for all applications – from a residential and commercial rooftops to utility-scale installations.

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EcoFasten Solar® is proud to present Eco-44R, the newest addition to our line of watertight roof attachment points. Single Water-tight Panel Mount System Solves Multiple Roof-type Challenge NEW! Eco-44R Roof Attachment • Mount panels to roof without causing damage or leaks • Eliminates the need to remove roofing material • Features a stiffening rib around the perimeter of the plate • Allows for greater loads on most surfaces • Suited for all types of flat roofs • System specific details approved by all major roofing manufacturers Please visit our site or give us a call today for more information, toll-free 877-859-3947

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REC Peak Energy series has been designed and engineered to meet the highest quality standards and provide reliable power output over the lifetime of the product. With a robust and durable design, REC’s Peak Energy modules are guaranteed to deliver high performance solar energy solutions for long-term value. Now offered with a Black frame, the REC Peak Energy series is designed to suit any application. The new generation module provides more power per square foot with an efficient cell and glass design and an average increase of nine watts per module compared to the third generation module. In addition, the modules are manufactured at REC’s facility in Singapore. This site is one of the most integrated and automated in the industry, allowing for tight quality control and precision throughout the manufacturing process. Learn more about REC Group and the REC Peak Energy series modules at

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The new Universal Communication Module (UCM™) provides a full featured communication bridge or gateway between Blue Sky Energy’s Integrated Power Net (IPN™) based charge controllers and external systems. Our newest product works with all IPN based Solar Boost charge controllers to allow for remote access via Modbus RS485, Modbus I/P and embedded Ethernet HTTP web site driver. Additional key benefits include periodic FTP data upload to a remote server, 128 days of data logging, and capability to access data and setup parameters world wide. Contact us at or visit us at Solar Power Internaional. Booth Number: 1121

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At Rolls, we've built a reputation for building one mean battery. It's a reputation based on reliability, durability and easy maintenance. Our dual container construction and high-density polyethylene material maximizes durability and eliminates acid leaks even if the outer container ruptures. The unique "resistox" plate design offers more resistance to corrosion and maximizes the life of the battery. The life expectancy of Rolls batteries are amongst the longest in the industry. Try our online Battery Selector to help you find the solution you need.

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The MonoX, LG's most technologically advanced module, can produce up to 260 Watts of pure sun power. The MonoX delivers maximum efficiency while offering superior durability backed by 25 years of intense research and development far surpassing industry standards. The MonoX and all of LG Solar's photovoltaic modules are uniquely designed to offer the superior quality, field tested performance, durability and reliability customers the world over have come to expect. Our diverse product range consists of residential, commercial and utility-grade modules that come ready to perform.

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The TF-800 horizontal single axis tracker is a utility scale, reliable tracking system that will increase the yield of photovoltaic panels by up to 25%. The TF-800 incorporates an advanced programming feature that reverses the motion of the tracker to eliminate inter-row shadowing, allowing for bigger systems to be installed in a smaller areas. A complete 10 kW system can be assembled in less than 4 hours without the need of special machinery, tools or welding in the field.

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A multi-functional temperature differential controller with add-on system functions, the iSolar series can be used for a wide variety of applications and has inputs for four PT1000 sensors. Preset factory defaults are defined for control of a standard solar water heating system with a second relay (some models) to divert any surplus heat. The auxiliary relay can be used to maintain the tank temperature, protect the system from overheating, or use another source to heat the storage tank. This controller features a large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) user interface with three function keys. The easy-to-use icons assist to operate and customize a solar heating system.

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The KACO blueplanet 02xi inverter series offers a variety of inverter options: 1.5 kW, 2.5kW, 3.5 kW and 5kW. The inverters are supplemented by an extensive array of accessories for plant monitoring and communication. They feature innovative IGBT (insolated gate bipolar transistor) technology and patented MPP tracking algorithms to guarantee the highest conversion efficiencies. Since above average annual yields also depend on the reliability and longevity of the inverter, KACO exclusively uses high quality components: i.e. capacitors designed for use in high temperatures. All the printed circuit boards are permanently protected by a thin and extremely durable polymer coating.

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Firestone Energy Solutions provides a single source option for all products associated with rooftop photovoltaic installations. In addition, Firestone offers the option for warranty coverage that provides a primary point of responsibility for both energy products and roofing systems from a company you know and can trust. For more information, visit

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