Aircraft Management

By: Air Partners  09-12-2011

Our approach to aircraft management is quite unique. Each aircraft in our fleet represents an independant business and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that business is operating at its finest. With our professional aircraft management, you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership while offsetting your costs with charter revenue during your aircraft's idle time. Aircraft Management Services That Put Your Interests First
Every decision that we make regarding your aircraft puts your best interests first. Whether it is an aircraft part being purchased, a pilot being hired or a charter flight being scheduled on your aircraft -- the decision is carefully evaluated to maximize the benefit to you.

Unmatched Charter Revenue Potential
With Air Partners, you have the opportunity to generate significant revenue and offset the costs of aircraft ownership and operation by making your aircraft available for private charter.

If you choose to make your aircraft available for private charter, rest assured that we offer you unmatched charter revenue opportunities with our high-charter demand, solid client base and active charter sales teams.

Exclusive Cost Efficiencies
By joining forces with a fleet, you can save tens of thousands of dollars every year. Fleet discounts with insurance carriers, maintenance providers and simulator-based training leaders are all passed on to the aircraft owner.

Impeccable Safety Record

As part of the Air Partners family, you leverage experience gained by having flown more miles on more flights than many other operators. Additionally, our pilots are highly experienced and well trained. We require all of our pilots to have an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) license and all our pilots must exceed the training standards set by Transport Canada for commerical charter flights.

Your Asset Maintained at Peak Level

Under our aircraft management program, your aircraft will be maintained to its utmost, peak performance level. Every aircraft that we allow on our certificate must pass a rigorous inspection and is maintained to the strictest of standards. In addition, all aircraft must pass annual, random safety audits by our Quality Assurance department so you'll be confident that your aircraft is always flying at its peak performance level.

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Private Aircraft Charters

In the event that you need multiple aircraft at the same time or the aircraft you normally fly is unavailable, you have the ability to use multiple or other aircraft on the same day. Replacing your deadheads with Air Partners flights increases the efficiency of your fleet and enables your corporate flight department to significantly increase its utility.


Welcome aboard a commitment to excellence

Air Partners has seized the opportunity to create a new, more competitive private aviation experience that puts you ahead of the competition. Combined with the highest quaility aircraft creates an experience for those who know and appreciate the best. The time you save by traveling on your own schedule will undoubtedly change your life. No agonizing wait to clear security and no anxiety at the baggage carousel.


Why Air Partners

From the ultimate aircraft in versatility, the King Air 200 to the ultimate aircraft in cabin volume and range, the Challenger 604, there is an airplane perfectly suited to meet all of your travel needs. Air Partners guests enjoy a full range of value-added services, from our industry leading aircraft accounting to our very own in-house maintenance team capable of handling the most complex inspections.