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By: Agriteam  09-12-2011


Agriteam Canada implemented this under the World Bank Rural Finance Project between 2004–2005. The project resulted in establishing the elements required to enable the Government of Romania to establish an indemnity fund to support the functioning of the warehouse receipt system for the country. The four components of the project were: (1) designing an indemnity fund for WHR including training programs for administering the indemnity fund; (2) preparing an awareness campaign for borrowers and producers about the warehouse receipt system; (3) preparing practices and procedures for lenders to accept warehouse receipts and for making claims on the indemnity fund; and (4) designing a warehouse receipt monitoring system. The project called upon a team of international advisors from Romania, the EU and North America. In addition to the above deliverables, project experts also prepared an issues paper and presentation for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Rural Development.

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The project will focus on four key components: strengthen the institutional capacity and human resources of basic education; develop and facilitate the implementation of educational programs; coordinate project activities in rural environments; and mainstream gender and participation into the project.


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The anticipated result of STEPS II is an enhanced basic education system at the school, idara, moderaya and national levels that actively supports the implementation of the national standards. The success of STEPS II will ultimately be measured on the basis of how it has contributed to the MOE's vision of improved schools as expressed in the national standards.


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The University of New Brunswick, in collaboration with the Royal Government of Bhutan, implemented a five-year development project to support Bhutan's educational reform process and strengthen the education system through the sustainable development of human resources.


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GAP supports institutional development of Malawian public sector agencies by providing technical support and assistance to specific ministries in the key areas of education, health, water supply, and gender equality. Through a responsive funding mechanism, Agriteam supports Malawian government partners to identify their own critical capacity needs and design results-based initiatives to address those needs.