By: Adventure Science  09-12-2011

Resting comfortably now and back in Calgary, the past week really does seem like a blur, and yesterday I drifted in and out of sleep through the remainder of the day.
The race was a great experience for me, and was full of incredible moments though, that are still quite vivid, like running into the endangered Massasauga rattlesnake near Cypress Lake, watching Jeff chase two baby skunks off the trail around Hockley Valley, or running through my old ski racing stomping grounds in Devil’s Glen.
This event was as much about the people as the natural splendor though. There were so many examples of amazing team work, incredible courage and determination, and astounding athleticism. Ultimately, and unexpectedly, despite each athlete digging deep within themselves to run their best each leg, the teams were so close together after stage 44 that it only made sense to run the final leg as a group to celebrate our achievement.
One of the interesting observations made by several of us was that the early muscle pain that many of us experienced (mine was tight calves) vanished as the run progressed. For me, after day 2 I had no more calf pain and only experienced slightly sore, tired muscles. We don’t yet know what caused this, but it may be attributed to our incredible massage therapists who accompanied us on this adventure. Tracy and Gord were a blessing to have at each base camp and worked all day each day to keep our bodies loose and able to run. They were both excellent, and on behalf of myself and all the athletes, we send a sincere thank you to both, for taking time out of your lives and schedules to participate.
I’ll be adding more thoughts on the past week and our achievement, but for now, it will be more sleep!

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09-12-2011 - N Q

When it was found prior to our arrival, there was definitely a mixture of emotions, including happiness, surprise, and some disappointment that the team (especially the team lead Chris Killian) wasn’t rewarded for the time and effort spent working on this case by being able to physically locate the wreckage site.