Rotary Table Matting

Rotary Table Matting from ADVANCED MAT SYSTEMS INC.

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Rotary Table Matting are custom molded traction pads designed to reduce / eliminate Slips & Falls by increasing traction for drilling operations. The main element that sets AMS Traction Mats apart from any other version is the extremely robust and durable polymer blend. AMS Traction Mats are commonly installed on drilling rig floors - typically rotary tables for land-based drilling rigs and offshore drilling platforms. Standard Version include: •Chemical & Corrosive Resistant •Fire Retardant •Molded Drainage Channels & Stainless Steel Studs or High Profile Traction •Color Options •Hazard Id - Red Zone •Text - Safety Slogan, Rig#, Logos, etc. •Rotary Table Thickness - 32 mm (1.25 in) MODERNIZING OPERATONS - DRILLING INDUSTY As the drilling industry is constantly modernizing operations thru automation, improved pipe / equipment handling systems along with increased fluid control, we have also modernized our Advanced Mat System®. Our modernization program includes the expansion of our tested product lines & options to provide a "Traction Mat Hybrid Package" for our client’s drill floor requirements. This Hybrid package allows AMS® to offer proven products = cost savings for our clients, without compromise. •New - cost-effective & proven polymer blends engineered for drill floors •Enhanced polymer blends to address the effect of designer drilling fluids •Through & through color matching our polymers & topcoats - extending the impact and longevity of hi-vis color markings and red zones. Formerly topcoats were only a layer, now color is maintained all the way through the polymer. At AMS® our goal is not to re-invent the wheel, just improve it!

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