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By: Advance Hdtv  09-12-2011

I am glad to see that industry professionals are onto Adobe and their CS5 platform.  I have cut many video projects on most of the 'industry accepted' platforms (I own two Avid's, have worked on FCP and others) and about two years ago I moved to CS4. The biggest reason was that, since I saw that the product had matured rather quickly from it's early days, I could work in Photoshop or After Effects and import the files directly to the Premiere timeline (dynamic link) and then have them update when changes were made, on the fly!  I can't tell you how many 'years' I've wasted with rendering, exporting, importing.. OMG!

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09-12-2011 - From Script to Screen

When I purchase a piece of gear that doesn't do it's job, not only do I find it a waste of time and money but extremely frustrating as well. When it comes to professional equipment, some companies do it so well, it seems almost too good to be true. I am used to using professional equipment and have high expectations as to how it will work.

09-12-2011 - From Script to Screen - november

Many a feature film has been cut on this platform and the new owners of the software, Editshare, have released this as 'open source', which means free. Lightworks was one of the first non-linear editors along with Avid and gained a healthy reputation. Editshare has released the Public Beta of Lightworks.

09-12-2011 - From Script to Screen - september

If you are in the business of creating video with a camera then you need to watch this awesome video series from Zacuto (makers of great camera accessories & gear). These guys have won Emmy's for these so that's gotta tell you something. I would go back to last years Shootout and watch it first.