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By: Adl Oilfield  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stable Foam

Stabilized foam generation is based on established technology, which is applied to vertical and horizontal well cleanouts, drill cutting enhancement, fracturing screen outs, H2S environments, heavy oil sludge and underbalanced drilling. ADL’s Stabile Foam generation process is patented Canadian technology with over 750 successful well projects completed over the last 6 years. The additional benefits of utilizing ADL’s Stable Foam generation services include:

  • An industry leading project work safety record
  • Neutral environment well cleanout worksites that leave no hazardous footprints behind
  • Quick project turnaround, with many well projects being cleaned or stimulated in one (1) day depending on the well
  • Increased and/or sustained well Oil & Gas production in many cases
  • Well production consulting and post cleanout tracking services that include client well operator assistance and interface focused on maximizing sustained well production over time.

Stable Foam has a variety of applications highlighted throughout the website include:

  • Nitrogen enriched foam
  • Stable Foam with H2S sequestering agents (that allow H2S to be absorbed and locked into the recovered extracted foam)
  • Stable Foam that can be customized for acid squeezes when needed.

ADL’s Research and Development (R&D) team is actively generating many new Stable Foam applications, which go well beyond extraction of bitumen, sand, tars, wax, solids and debris. ADL’s R&D team is confident in the application of Stable Foam as a potential enhancement for every aspect of the well completion, production and extended production.

Keywords: Stable Foam