By: Active Investigations  09-12-2011

Our Services Active Investigations Inc. can assist in the gathering of background and current information relevant to a wide variety of circumstances; this information can be useful in making tactical and strategic decisions.In today's competitive business environment, accurate and timely information is imperative. We can assist Lawyers with trial preparation; verify all allegations and uncover new information that may be important; locate and obtain statements from relevant witnesses. Experienced at interviewing, we can make information available that is beneficial . Active Investigations Inc. is available to provide workplace support in relation to:

Hiring Interviews

Exit Interviews

Active Investigations Inc. can conduct a wide variety of investigations including:

Employee MisconductHostile Work EnvironmentHarassment ClaimsDiscrimination ClaimsEmployee ConflictsInsurance Claims

We make available investigators who are independent of your organization, who will offer impartiality and fairness while providing you with accurate and objective information.