By: Accumask  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sound Masking, Ceiling Mount


The Master Speakers are UL-listed and are available in both plenum (PLM) and ceiling mount (CPM) formats.

Because the AccuMask System is decentralized, all of the electronics required for sound masking, paging and music are contained within each Master rather than a centrally-located equipment rack.

The masking volume and contour can be set at each Master, yielding adjustment zones of 1 to 3 speakers (225 to 675 ft


). Such small zones allow the System to be tuned to local variations in acoustical conditions or occupant needs. The masking volume can be adjusted in precise 0.5dBA increments over a 45dBA range, while 100 preset curves provide fine masking spectrum adjustments.

Each PLM can power its own speaker and up to two Satellites.

All technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

Keywords: Ceiling Mount, Sound Masking