Driver Risk Assessments

By: ac DARE Inc  05-01-2011
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Bring efficiency into your driver safety budget!
What is it exactly that keeps us in business?
Unique Risk Assessment System We Save you $$$ on any costs related to safety upgrades for drivers at risk
Top qualified professionals provincially accredited for this type of service
Lightning fast response and immediate delivery of results
No "package" deals
Non-demeaning delivery
Very compatible and flexible pricing schedules
How do you know if our service is what you or your company/organization needs? Simply answer "yes" to any of the following: I am in charge of making final decisions and/or assigning funds for any of the listed below:
Injured worker's (driver's) compensation
Inured worker's (driver's) needs for faster return to workforce
Vehicle modifications for drivers with physical diabilities
Post-accident driver's recovery
Safety upgrades within fleet Driver's insurance eligibility
Aging Driver's ability to drive safely
Driver's safety fitness level for possible employment
Two levels of assessment: Level 1: Physical ability to operate a vehicle safely (Critical in post-accident, post-injury cases);Level 2: General ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner, meeting minimum provincial requirements (Critical in preventing future driving errors, accidents, insurance hikes, loss of employment, high risk to others)

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