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By: 4 Weather Insulation  09-12-2011
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High energy costs is a growing concern for homeowners these days. There are ways to help cut those costs and proper insulation is one very important one. Buying energy efficient appliances or having your windows and doors redone is not going to give you the results you desire unless your house is insulated right. A poorly insulated home is susceptible to condensation buildup. Condensation buildup can lead to mold and mildew throughout your insulation as well as damage to your ceilings and roof. If left for too long this can lead to costly repairs. A well insulated home will keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer helping you to achieve your goal of reduced energy costs and comfortable living! Insulation is measured in an R-value, this is the thermal resistance. It is recommended in Alberta climate to have an R-value of 40 plus.

Insulation Removal

There are many different reasons for having your old insulation removed. Often if there was poor ventilation in an attic you will find mold and mildew. If the spread of mold through the insulation occurs it will actually reduce the air quality throughout your home and can be harmful. Another reason people get their old insulation removed is due to recent home renovations. The dust and dirt from work being done can get trapped throughout your home and in your insulation. A fire in the home will cause the insulation to trap in the smoke and soot and lead to poor air quality in your home as well. At 4Weather we are equipped to remove your old insulation and blow in new insulation often on the same day (depending on the size of the job.) We provide excellent advice on insulation removal as well as free estimates so if you have any questions about your old insulation please feel free to call us.


Proper ventilation is essential in maximizing the full potential of your insulation. These two things go hand in hand in ensuring that there is proper air circulation throughout your attic. By doing this you ensure that your hot air will escape in the summer keeping your home cooler and moisture will escape in the winter reducing condensation buildup. Properly installed ventilation allows your insulator to fill all the nooks and crannies thereby giving you the proper R-value all the way thru your attic. Making sure that you are getting what you have paid for!


In short, we at 4Weather Insulation are proud to offer our customers peace of mind in knowing that we can look after all your insulation needs. We will provide you with quality service, superior products, and friendly advice. Our goal is to make your home comfortable for you and your family while helping to cut those high energy costs thereby saving you some of your hard earned cash! Our no obligation free in-home estimates help you to understand more of your insulation needs and why they are necessary. We at 4Weather Insulation look forward to offering any advice we can about your insulation needs. If we can’t answer your questions we will do our best to find someone who can. Please feel free to call us today.

Keywords: air quality, Insulation

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The channels also allow for loose-fill insulation to be blown into every corner and crevice of your attic giving you better insulation value. It is important that you have the proper number of exhaust vents installed based on the size of your home to allow the right air circulation. Standard exhaust vents will work based on the circulation of air coming through your soffit and will exit your attic through these vents.