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By: 3d Cutting  09-12-2011
Keywords: cnc, Foam Cutting

Introducing Foam's New Best Friend

FROGWire™ is the industry’s leading CNC hot wire foam cutting machine, allowing you to cut stunning final products or prepare foam for more detailed milling. Boasting top of the line speed and accuracy and capable of 2D, 3D, flat, spiral and lathe cuts, FROGWire™ is a path to improved quality and expanded product lines.

Let FROGWire™ give you…

  • Expanded product lines and markets – Create larger, more intricate pieces than you were capable of before. Grow your product lines and open up new markets.
  • Improved productivity – By replacing traditional methods with an automated solution you can turn your ideas into reality, without the hassles and wasted time. Impressive cutting speeds means finishing more products faster, letting you ramp up productivity and satisfy more customers.
  • Better end products – Heavy-duty construction and industrial grade components ensure durability and stability, allowing you to create designs impossible with lesser machines.

Keywords: cnc, Foam Cutting

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Hard Coat Spray Equipment for Spray Coating Foam

With a full range of advanced features and durable components, FROGSkin™ is the quickest and most efficient way to apply perfect finishes to architectural, sculptural or themed pieces. Improved productivity - Quality construction and innovative features let you run trouble-free for longer, allowing you to grow your productivity and output.


CNC Foam Router for Foam Carving and Foam Sculpting | 3D CNC Foam Carving Machine

Combining top of the line features, industrial strength and unequalled quality, FROGMill™ lets you create stunning sculptural enlargements or intricate architectural features and concrete molds.FROGMill™ can take your projects to new creative heights. Faster project completion – With speeds unmatched by competing products, FROGMill™ lets you complete projects faster, improving customer turnaround times and boosting profits.


Foam Cutting Tools | Foam Router Bits

FROGTools™ are a range of durable bits made specifically for milling EPS and polyurethane foam, including regular and tapered cutters in ball end and end mill styles. When used with FROGMill™, FROGTools™ ensure that foam projects are milled with unparalleled accuracy, detail and clarity. Tapered tools let you achieve high detail in deep cuts, improving the intricacy and detail of your products.


3D CNC Lathe Machine | 4 Axis Router

Increased efficiencies – Adding a seamless solution for milling to FROGScan™’s and FROGMill™’s existing capabilities, FROGMill™ 4th Axis takes production efficiencies to levels impossible with lesser machines. Improved end products – FROGMill™ 4th Axis creates production efficiencies, but it also provides the accuracy and detail you need to create stunning detailed projects – all in one piece.


3D Laser Scanning Table | FROGScan™ Table

Improved production efficiencies – With the FROGScan™ Scanner Table’s straightforward control system, you’ll have full control over each scan parameter, letting you optimize scanning performance and get scans right the first time. With heavy-duty construction, an easy to operate control system and industry leading resolution, the FROGScan™ Scanner Table creates the ideal scanning environment.


CNC CAD/CAM Software for Foam Cutting Applications | Digital Sculpture & Design Software

Faster lead times – FROGWare™ gives you the tools to get your projects rolling in as little time as possible, speeding up the entire process and getting products in your customers’ hands faster. FROGWare™ is a software suite that gives you the scanning, editing and tool path functionality needed to accurately model your designs and prepare them for production.


3D Laser Scanner | Laser Scanning

Improved production efficiencies – Top of the line scanning resolution, innovative features and integrated software ensure that scanning and milling are carried out as efficiently as possible – giving you the ability to ramp up productivity.