Hemp Clothing Washing Instructions

By: Sabine's Hemp  09-12-2011

Wash hemp like any other clothes!

  • Separate dark from light clothes.
  • Greasy clothes -> wash as warm as possible .
  • Protein stains -> wash in cool water, for example: blood, milk, chocolate, poop etc.
  • Use bleach only with whites and only if you have no magnesium in your water.
  • Use vinegar instead of bleach if there is lots of magnesium in your water.
  • Add baking soda to your wash to keep your clothes and oven mitts etc. fireretardant.
  • Fabric softener makes clothes more flammable.
  • Elastics and any form of rubber or lycra wears out very fast in a dryer.
  • Never let wet clothes sit.
  • Save energy by line drying.

Oh, and if you like to home-dye, always do it in a pot on your stove. The colors will be more brilliant and you need less dye.

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Hemp History

Was also a promoter of hemp, and during his tenure as Governor of Virginia he kept reserves of hemp, and in 1781 used hemp as currency when money from the government was in short supply. Hemp became the first crop to be subsidized when the government offered to pay premiums and bounties to the "deserving cultivators and exporters of hemp in the Province..


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