By: Red Basket  09-12-2011

  Here at Red Basket, we pride ourselves in the variety and quality of the goods we offer our customers, and the friendly service that our clientele expects. Some of the items we are famous for include:


  •  the best selection of gloves around, at the best price (see below for downloadable catalog)
  •  fishing licenses and bait
  •  lottery
  •  gasoline and diesel
  •  FREE ICE for crews from 5:30 a.m. until it runs out.
  • frozen food selection
  • fresh fruit/produce selection
  • safety glasses and sunglasses
  • newspapers, magazines, and paperbacks
  • 8 flavors slush, 8 flavor soda fountain, !NEW! flavor blast shots, and !NEW! Slush Puppie machine
  • ozone purified water dispenser and bottles
  • ATM machine on site
  • HAVAJAVA coffee counter, including 6 flavors of hot cappucino, steamers, 2 frozen cappucinos, and REAL CREAM!
  • candy/ confectionary aisle
  • baked goods display, including our famous cookies, pepperoni wraps, & bacon and cheese wraps.

  We especially pride ourselves in our fresh food products. We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen where we prepare daily fresh menu items, including: salads, sandwiches, subs, and hot meals to go. Our fresh chicken program provides crispy pressure fried chicken in two flavors, regular and spicy. We hand cut french fries and potato wedges, and season them liberally. Our chicken is not greasy like some other brands of chicken, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

  We are independent, meaning that we can evolve and change much more quickly than a franchise or corporate store, and we are much more proactive to market trends. We are able to offer new products with a minimum of red tape, and therefore our products change continuously to reflect our customers needs. As a customer, you are able to get your favorite items, and try something new if you want to.