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By: Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd  09-12-2011

CNC AccurShear Shearing:

Running two Accurshear metal shears, Brooks Industrial Metals is able to provide shear cut materials in single sheet lengths up to 12’. Our shears are capable of handling material requirements in the following dimensions:

Mild Steel - Material thicknesses of up to 1/2” plate, for sheets up to 12 feet

Aluminum - Material thicknesses of up to 1/2” plate, for sheets up to 12 feet

Stainless Steel - Material thickness of up to 1/4” plate, for sheets up to 12 feet

Expanded Metal - Material thickness of up to 3/4” x 9 gauge (flat or raised) for sheets up to 8 feet

QT100 - Material thickness of up to 3/8” plate, for sheets up to 10 feet

Material thickness over those rated for the shears can still be accommodated, but would be handled by either our CNC radio graph or water jet machines.

We are also happy to shear customer owned material as long as the type of material can be verified and the material is reasonably flat.

Please note that we require a material waiver form be filled out for any customer material we shear, and that, due to safety concerns, we are unable to shear materials of unknown origin.

CNC AccurPress Breaks

In addition to shearing flat materials, Brooks Industrial Metals also operates three press brakes used to form metal components to your design needs.

  • If you require bent pieces for a do-it-yourself home improvement project,
  • Pieces to create your own tanks,
  • To design the deck on your welding truck,
  • Even large industrial pieces like mud tanks and rig building panels and components.

Our 175 ton, 250 ton, and 400 ton brakes allow us to form materials as light as 24 gauge satin coat, right up to 3/4” mild steel plate. With bending surfaces up to 16 feet long, we can accommodate a wide array of bending needs.

Custom Formed Projects

Ever dreamed of designing your own tanks and toolboxes?

We work with our customers every day to design both customized and standardized tanks, toolboxes and multiple other projects. Come speak with our knowledgeable staff and let us help you create a solution to fit your needs.

ach of these lip designs has different advantages and disadvantages, so if you would like some advice on which would best suit your needs, give us a call!

Please be advised that while we are happy to provide formed pieces for your metal projects, we have chosen not to compete with the welders that we supply for welding jobs. As such, we DO NOT provide welding services, but would be happy to recommend any of Brooks's local welding shops to help with the finishing of your construction projects.

Rebar Bending

Brooks Industrial Metals is also capable of providing basic bending jobs using our rebar bender. With the rebar bender we are able to bend all of our standard rebar thicknesses (3/8” up to 1”) into basic shapes commonly used in concrete construction projects. Squares, “shepherd crooks”, angles, stirups, and basic curves are commonly requested bends that we can accommodate.

This bender is additionally able to bend other materials as well:

  • Square tubing up to 2”
  • Flat bar up to 1” thick
  • Round and square shaft up to 1” thick

Please be advised that this device, although capable of bending a range of material, is not for projects that require exactly matched specifications from piece to piece. This machine is designed for basic bending, stretching material around a central stem or die.  As each piece is bent, individual pieces can vary slightly due to the natural relaxation of the material once it is removed from the machinery. Additionally, when bending square tubing and pipe, some deformation of the original shape of the material does occur.

Davi / BIM Plate Rollers

Brooks Industrial Metals employs two rolling machines that give us the capability to provide rolled materials from 12” in diameter up to 10 feet in diameter for items up to 10 feet long.

Rolled rings, ladder hoops, rolled rebar rings for your current concrete requirements, curved plate for shovel blades, round cans and large storage tanks are only a few examples of the types of projects we can provide. Listed below are basic guidelines for the types of materials that we are able roll:

BIM Roller

  • Capable of rolling flat materials from 14 gauge to 1/2” mild steel in the following dimensions:
    • 14 gauge to 10 gauge - minimum 14” outside diameter (up to 8 feet long)
    • 3/16” to 1/4” plate - minimum 14” outside diameter (up to 6 feet long)
    • 3/8” to 1/2” plate - minimum 14” outside diameter (up to 2 feet long)
  • Capable of rolling structural square tubing up to 1-1/2” outside diameter (minimum wall thickness of .083”) to a minimum outside diameter of 24”
  • Capable of rolling REBAR into circles with a minimum of 5” inside diameter

DAVI Roller

  • Capable of rolling flat materials from 20 gauge to 3/8” mild steel in the following dimensions:
    • 20 gauge to 14 gauge - minimum 12” outside diameter (up to 10 foot long)
    • 12 gauge to 1/8” plate - minimum 14” outside diameter (up to 10 foot long)
    • 3/16” to 1/4” plate minimum 15” outside diameter (up to 8 foot long)
    • 5/16” to 3/8” plate minimum 30” outside diameter (up to 6 foot long)
  • Roller 2 employs a less labor intensive process to roll all thicknesses of material, meaning lower rolling costs for our customers!

Peddinghaus Hydraulic Punch (Hole Punching)

For those metal projects that require holes be punched, Brooks Industrial Metals offers three different options:

  • Water Jet - for those projects that require the utmost precision
  • Radio Graph - for those projects that require a large number of holes, or for those projects that require holes in materials thicker that 5/8” plate, and
  • Hydraulic Punch – for those basic projects that require a more cost effective solution for simple hole punching requirements

For your basic hole punching requirements, our hydraulic punch allows us to punch holes ranging from 1/8” up to 1 1/8” in diameter in sheet and plate up to 5/8” thick. Please note that when using the hydraulic punch, the hole size must be at least 1/16” larger than the thickness of the material that the holes are being punched into.

If your project requires slotted holes, our hydraulic punch can accommodate slotted holes : 3/8” x 3/4”, 3/8” x 1”, 7/16” x 3/4”, 1/2” x 1”, and 9/16” x 1”. Square holes are also available in 3/4” size only.

Hydmech Band Saw Cutting

Brooks Industrial Metals has recently increased our band saw cutting capability by adding two additional band saw cutting lines to our production floor. Now, with the ability to have up to three band saws cutting simultaneously, band saw cutting requests are able to be filled much more rapidly.

Our Hydmech S-20 and S-23 band saw lines allow us to cut beam, square tubing, angle, flat bar, pipe, shaft, and channel quickly and efficiently. If you have high or low quantity cutting jobs and you need them in a hurry, then trust Brooks Industrial Metals for your band saw cutting needs.

Pipe/Shaft Threading

Brooks Industrial Metals also provides standard threading services for pipe and shaft.

  • NPT threading of pipe sizes from 3/8” up to 4” pipe
  • NC (course) threading of shaft from 1/2” diameter up to 1-1/2” diameter

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In our endeavor to provide the widest range of steel products and welding supplies, Brooks Industrial Metals is also proud to be the local distributor for The Linde Group. If you need cylinder gases on a continuing basis, return a contracted empty cylinder to us, and we will replace it with a full one out of our stock.