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By: Brooks Industrial Metals Ltd  09-12-2011

Linde Product Summary

In our endeavor to provide the widest range of steel products and welding supplies, Brooks Industrial Metals is also proud to be the local distributor for The Linde Group (Canada). 

Through our partnership with the Linde Group, we are able to supply welders, welding consumables and bulk gas products. 

Linde supplies a wide variety of quality product lines that welders have come to know and respect:

  • Tig, mig, and stick welders, as well as plasma cutting machines from Miller, Hobart, ESAB and Lincoln,
  • Welding helmets from Harley Davidson, Sellstrom, Jackson, Optrel and Fibre Metal,
  • Welding consumables, cutting supplies, and abrasives from names like ESAB, Bernard, Lincoln, Hypotherm, Victor (Thermadyne), Adox, PowerWeld, SAIT, Flexovit, Tyrolit and many more,
  • Linde’s own line of welding helmets, mig guns and other industrial products and accessories.

Linde Gas Cylinders

In addition to machinery and equipment, Linde also provides us with a full selection of cylinder gases to meet all your industrial gas needs.  Brooks Industrial Metals stocks, and is able to bulk supply, gas cylinders for industrial, food service, and even entertainment requirements.

Do you need industrial gases for welding (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum)?
Do you need carbon dioxide or beer gas for your restaurant, bar or diner?
Do you need helium for your wedding, birthday parties, or other special events?

Brooks Industrial Metals can help! We stock all the following items:

Oxygen Helium Acetylene Argoshield 8c
Beer Gas Carbon Dioxide Argon Nitrogen
Argo Shield 25c Nitrogen HIP Alu Shield Stain Shield Light
Argo Shield GP Helium UHP Hydrogen UHP Stain Shield Universal
Argo Shield Light Entenox Food Fresh Argo Shield Universal

Bottle sizes range from our full size “T” (64” tall, 145 lbs) down to our small bottle “R” size (20” tall, 5 lbs). If you require a gas mix not listed, feel free to contact us and we can look into sourcing additional items as required.

Do you need a gas cylinder, but don’t want the hassle of buying, refilling, storing and having to worry about the wear and tear on your own bottle?

Brooks Industrial Metals has the perfect solution!

Come fill out one of our monthly or yearly bottle rental agreements, and you can pay one set cylinder rental fee per bottle you require, and simply return the cylinder(s) when your job is complete. You then pay for the gas you used, and we return the cylinder(s) to Linde for maintenance and refilling.

If you need cylinder gases on a continuing basis, return a contracted empty cylinder to us, and we will replace it with a full one out of our stock. Swap your bottles once, twice, or multiple times as you require. You pay your monthly, or annual rental fee, and for the gases you use, and we take care of the stocking, storing, and refilling of the cylinders.

If you prefer to buy your own small cylinders, we can accommodate that as well. We carry small Oxygen, Acetylene, Argo Shield and Argon bottles for purchase.

Bottle and gas prices vary, so come in and speak to our friendly salespeople, and we can discuss a solution that will fit your needs.

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The weights and measures included in the charts are typical for the items described, but individual items may vary. Aluminum AngleChannelDeck SpanFlat barPipePlateRectangular TubeShaftSheetSquare TubeTubingVented Deck Plate. At Brooks Industrial Metals, we carry a full line of carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Stainless Steel AngleDeck SpanFlat barLadder RungMesh PipePlateShaftSheetSquare TubeTubing.


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Please note that we require a material waiver form be filled out for any customer material we shear, and that, due to safety concerns, we are unable to shear materials of unknown origin. In addition to shearing flat materials, Brooks Industrial Metals also operates three press brakes used to form metal components to your design needs.