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By: David Cox  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dispute Resolution

For those of us who have been very close to the labour relations field over a number of years we know all too well that dispute handling in large and small unionized organizations can be extremely costly.  The process of arbitration is certainly effective, but as we have said, it can be extremely time consuming and very costly to find resolution in the administration of a collective agreement or in the administration of progressive discipline.

DC&A has several years experience in the area of Alternate Dispute Resolution, or commonly known in the business today as, ADR.

DC&A has effectively introduced ADR into large and small union settings with much success and to the satisfaction of the employers who have adopted this approach to dispute resolution.

DC&A will train management teams in the process, lead the process for the organization, and ensure positive outcomes for management.

The results are not only in the long term monetary savings for the employer but are a win-win with both the management and the union.  The process also has a long term advantage in that it gives guidance to the Parties respecting collective agreement interpretation without disadvantaging either group. The process is generally designed to be non-binding.  This allows the Parties to engage in open discussion without the concern of having any long term negative impact.  

At the end of each session the Parties are left with a better understanding of sections of their collective agreement and a road map to future situations which may arise requiring the interpretation of the collective agreement.

Keywords: Dispute Resolution

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