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By: Bowden Physiotherapy  09-12-2011
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Sian Richards is our Physiotherapist. She trained in the UK has over 20 years experience. She has post graduate training in manual therapy. Sian has been treating backs and necks for most of her career. Sian is interested in movement analysis and muscle balancing. She recognizes that in order for the body to work it must be properly aligned and then educated to achieve balance of muscles and soft tissues. The connection between manual therapy and exercise is well documented and research supports this approach as the most likely have a good outcome.

Bowden Physiotherapy has a WCB contract and does automotive insurance work following motor vehicle accidents. Our clinic has good working relationships with a lot of insurance companies.

The clinic also utilizes Sian’s skills in pediatric physiotherapy with services to special needs children and young athletes. Sian works closely with physicians in Innisfail and Olds. Sian is committed to furthering her education and keeps current by regularly attending courses. All patients to the clinic are assessed by Sian. The assessment is a comprehensive look at your problem. A detailed history is taken. An analysis of objective and subjective findings are undertaken to establish a treatment plan. Short term and long term goals are identified. Sian will explain her findings, how to approach your rehabilitation and how long she anticipates it will take to achieve resolution. She makes sure that clients understand our interventions and encourages an informed decision making about treatment. Sian supervises all aspects of treatment with the rest of the team to bring about an excellent outcome.

Shiennlyn Quiroz, Physiotherapy Assistant.  Shiennlyn trained as a physiotherapist in the Phillipines.  She is going through the process of getting her qualifications recognized by the Canadian Physiotherapy association and getting her license.  This is a long and vigorous process where her schooling is evaluated by the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapists and then she will sit 2 competency examinations.  This process makes our therapists better as they have to prove themselves worthy of the title of Physiotherapist. 

Darryl Witcher is an expert in martial arts and runs 3 schools of tae kwondo in Innisfail, Olds and Red Deer.  He has training as a personal trainer and nutrition advisor.  He joins our team to supervise our clients learning their exercises as prescribed by the physiotherapist.  His training makes him very observant and this skill is important in helping clients to perform their exercises to a high enough standard to facilitate their healing.  He also assists when necessary the physiotherapist and occasionally can be seen performing office duties. 

Laurel Reid is AFLCA trained. She is a fitness leader qualified to assess people for gym memberships, teach exercises, design gym programs and lead exercise classes. Laurel works under the direct supervision of the physiotherapist. She will identify potential problems that you may encounter before commencing a gym program and will also help you identify your goals before starting your exercise plan. She is experienced and knowledgeable in her field and provides physiotherapy assistant duties to the physiotherapist and is trained to set up physiotherapy interventions under supervision of the physiotherapist

Aureil Tejas: She is trained in the Onsen technique which is a form of massage therapy which utilizes muscle contraction and positioning to give a deep relaxation.  She is highly qualified and keeps current with her training .  We are lucky to have her as she has an other practice in Lloyd Minster and provides her expertise to our clinic biweekly .  She is also a remedial massage therapy and has many years of experience . 

Cindy McAllistar: Bowden Physiotherapy and Gym would like to introduce Cindy McAllister, Registered Massage Therapist to our team. Cindy has been involved with massage since 2000, receiving her education from Mount Royal College in Calgary. She has training in therapeutic, relaxation, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, reiki, pre and post natal massage and infant massage. Cindy is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association (NHPC).  Belonging to a massage association means that she participates in continuing education courses in massage techniques, anatomy and physiology, ethics and the knowledge of when massage is indicated or contraindicated for treatment.  Members of a massage association are mandatory to maintain their continued competency credits in the field of practice to ensure membership renewal each year. This also demonstrates the professionalism of a Registered Massage Therapist and best serves the interests of the public.  One of the biggest advantages of booking an appointment with Cindy, a registered  massage therapist is that the membership number of a massage association is an important piece of information necessary for reimbursement by a third party health insurance provider. Contact your extended health benefits provider to see if your coverage includes massage therapy.

Massage is beneficial in the treatment of many conditions including headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain (including golfers and tennis elbow), repetitive strain injuries and to decrease stress.

Laurel Reid is our Office Manager.  She is responsible for the smooth running of the office,  she handles scheduling and staffing .  she also has excellent communications skills which she used when dealing with insurance companies,  if you have any questions about your coverage she will happy to help.  She has training as an AFLA instructor and can sometimes be seen in the gym assisting in the learning of exercises .  She is also able to step into the role of  physiotherapy aide assisting the physiotherapist.  She is involved in all aspect of the clinic and is always ready to answer questions.  She is usually the first person you speak to at the clinic.

Our facility offers gym memberships to allow members of the public to use the facility. We are open 24 hours a day by operation of a video surveillance system and card lock system. Members can purchase a key card which allows them access at all hours. You can do a drop in, or purchase 1 month, 6 month or 12 month memberships. We have family discounts and with certain restrictions allow under 16 year olds memberships. We have a wide range of equipment including cardio equipment, weight machines and free weights. We also encourage the use of our balance boards, therapy ball, Bosu ball, fitter pro trainer and other equipment which helps develop core stability. This has been shown to reduce injury and maintain muscular skeletal fitness. The gym environment is non-threatening and user friendly. Our staff is approachable and will always answer questions and help you with your fitness technique and goals.

Keywords: Gym, Massage, Physiotherapy