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By: Northern Lights Funeral Chapel  09-12-2011
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In its simplest form, "casket" is a North American term for a  four sided case used to bury the dead. It has a split lid used for viewing the deceased during the funeral service. Caskets may be buried in the ground, placed in a burial vault, or cremated.

Traditional caskets are constructed of metal, wood, or fiberboard. They typically vary in design, complexity and price depending on the materials used in the construction, the ornamentation and the manufacturer.

Many people choose a casket as a tribute to their loved one. Selecting a casket is a very personal decision. We recommend viewing the caskets we have on display, to help make a suitable selection that will meet your needs.

Sometimes outer burial containers are used to surround a casket and protect it from sinking into the ground. They are not usually required by law but may be required by the cemetery. Burial containers, like caskets may delay the decomposition of the human body but they will not prevent it because that is not possible.

There are two types of burial containers: 

  • Grave Liner - A grave liner is made from reinforced concrete and will satisfy cemetery requirements.
  • Burial Vault - A burial vault is more substantial and expensive. It surrounds the entire casket in concrete or another material. 


For centuries, funeral urns were a popular way to memorialize a person. Typically, after a person died the survivors of many ancient cultures cremated the body and collected the ashes in an urn.

Today, urns serve the same basic purpose. They store the remains of a deceased person after the cremation process. Cremation Urns are constructed of just about any material you can imagine. Most urns may be engraved or personalized in various ways. They are beautifully designed in a wide variety of styles to reflect an individual's personality. Selecting an urn is a very personal decision.

Urns are made of wood, bronze, metal, marble, cultured marble, glass and ceramic. There are "green" urns designed for scattering the cremated remains on land or water. And, there are biodegradable urns for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Specific materials are generally used for different purposes. If for example, the urn is to be buried it will likely be made of bronze or another metal. If the urn is to be placed in a residence, or funeral home, it may be made of glass, wood, or ceramic. If the urn is to be stored outdoors, or as part of a columbarium, it may be made of marble.

Cremation urns are proven to be timeless and unique. They may be personalized to memorialize a loved one for generations to come.


A Headstone, Tombstone, Gravestone, Grave Marker or Cemetery Monument all describe a marker, normally carved from stone, placed over the grave where human remains are interred. Virtually any kind of artwork, epitaph or personal details of the deceased may be carved into the marker. The grave and marker have become the focal point for mourning and remembrance.

Grave Markers are made from Bronze or Granite. They may be upright or sloped and/or flat and flush with the ground. Granite and bronze monuments come in several colours, sizes and designs. Cemeteries follow a "standard of practice" that prescribes the size and use of certain materials.

Trees or shrubs, particularly roses, may be planted, especially to mark the location of ashes. This may be accompanied by a small inscribed metal or wooden marker.

At Northern Lights Funeral Chapel we specialize in assisting families in the selection of a suitable monument to honor a loved one. We are well versed with the various cemetery specifications and requirements and can make installation arrangements with the cemetery on your behalf.


Arranging and pricing a funeral isn't something most people do every day.

At Northern Lights Funeral Chapel we offer your family the greatest value possible, regardless of the type of cremation, memorial or funeral service you choose.

We understand how hard it can be trying to figure out everything. To help you fulfill your family's personal wishes and make informed decisions, we have developed the Northern Lights Funeral Chapel  "Family Pricing Guide". It was created to help you clearly itemize and price, only those services that you choose.

Funeral costs usually fall into three main categories:

  • Basic Service Fee: Covers services common to all funerals including the use of the home, the services of the funeral director, permits and burial arrangements etc.

  • Optional Charges: Covers items like transporting the body, the use of a hearse and limousine, purchase of burial container and cremation etc.

  • Cash Disbursements: Covers items that the funeral home purchases on your behalf (with your written consent) such as flowers, clergy honorarium, obituary notices, soloists/musicians etc.

It can be a challenge to arrange a funeral at the last minute. So, we encourage you to speak with one of our funeral directors ahead of time to make plans that meet your needs and fit your budget. 

Keywords: Cemetery, cremation, Funerals, urns

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