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By: Animal Health Providers  09-12-2011
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Additional Large Animal Services Available:

includes an extensive physical examination and consultation.

includes standard annual vaccination or programs tailored to each patients individual needs, including puppy & kitten starter series. Equine and bovine vaccination programs.
ar swabs.

4. Nutrition: nutrition is most often the most over looked medical aspect and has one of the biggest influences of your pets quality of life.

5. Dentistry: just like your own dentist, we providing routine scaling, polishing and sealing of your pets teeth. Dentistry helps in treating periodontal and gum dieses. With the use of an intra-oral x-ray and a high speed drill and can diagnose and fix problems better then ever before.

Medical work ups is an important part in trying to pin point and better treat medical concerns, complications and complaints. Services we offer include the following:

1. In-House Laboratory: offering CBC, chemistry and electrolytes, many infectious disease testing, and an array of metabolic tests.

2. Radiology: offering a full range of small animal x-ray including digital dental and large animal x-ray. 3. Ultrasound: chest and abdominal ultrasound. 4. Pulse Oximetry: monitors blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels while under anaesthesia.

With an adjustable heated surgery table, autoclave, ultrasonic cleaner and extensive surgical packs, a few of the services we offer are listed below:

spays, neuters, declaws, dental extractions and equine castrations and bovine caesareans.

2. Orthopaedic Surgeries: cruciate ligament repairs, patella surgeries, fracture repair using bone plates, screws, pins and wires.

3. Soft Tissue: trauma, laceration repairs, intestinal surgeries, eye surgeries (i.e.: third eye lid), ear surgeries (i.e.: teca), equine cryptorchid castrations.

Providing our clientele with the best medicine available, we also provide the following services within our clinic:

1. Fluid Therapy: Delivered using new fluid pumps, fluids are used during some surgeries and for shock treatment. We are equipped to offer both small animal fluids and equine fluids. 2. Full Pharmacy: Well stocked for in-clinic treatment and to fill prescriptions for in-home medical treatment for our patients. 3. Isolation: Our small animal isolation room is equipped with 4 kennels and exam table and is located separately from the rest of the small animal facility. 4. Hospitalization: is part of every good clinic, our kennel room is equipped with a number of large and small kennels for all dog and cat sizes. A separate bank of kennels in treatment room allows for critical patients to be monitored closely. 5. Cosmetic Grooming: generally referring to dematting of cats and dogs, under general anesthetic or sedation, we are able to remove skin irritating mats. We also offer ear plucking and mail trimming.

Also provided to meet the demand of our equine and bovine clientele, we offer a number of other services which include:

includes a full dental exam with speculum and power float and is part of your horses annual care.

2. Equine Radiology:

using a newer portable equine x-ray machine we are able to take diagnostic images of all 4 limbs and head.

We offer stabling facilities, ultrasound for breeding and pregnancy exam and artificial insemination. Frozen semen insemination storage will be offered in 2010.

4. Equine Hospitalization:

Providing shelters and paddocks for equine owner that require long term care.

5. Equine Medicine & Surgery:

Providing a variety of equine medical services such as routine lab work, dentals, and elective surgeries such as castrations and solf tissue surgeries.  All Equine medicine & sugery is done within our newly built (January 2011) equine facility, equippied with box stalls, isolation and foaling stall, surgery and exam rooms and a padded recovery room and wash bay. 

6. Equine Lameness Prepurchase Exams:

Providing a full scale physical exam including gate analysis, hoof testers, flexion tests and nerve blocks

7. Bovine Semen Testing:

Providing handling facilities to accommodate up to 3 bulls in-clinic. We offer farm calls for more then 3 bulls.

8. Bovine Obstetrics: Providing handling facilities in-clinic with caesarean shoot, allowing for safe controlled environment. 9. Bovine Medicine and Surgery: Providing a range of services including broken leg casting, physical examination and post-mortems. We also offer services not covered under VSI such as hernia repairs. We also have handling facilities to accommodate up to 3 cows for pregnancy testing, farm calls are provided for anything above this number of animals.  10. Other:

Part of the services we provide to our area also includes brucellosis testing in elk and ungulate medical treatment.

Keywords: Animals, equine, Physical Examination, Surgeries

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