Furnace Cleaning Services

By: Furnace Cleaning  09-12-2011
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Furnace Cleaning

Furnace Inspections are standard with every cleaning: Call Us Today 403-340-2335

  • Furnace Duct Whip Technology ( "We prefer to clean the built up dust and debris in the duct work using our special Duct Whip system, it is extremely efficient, does a deep clean by loosening old dust and debris by whip vibration methods developed exclusively for Twin Peaks providing you with clean ducts for healthy air and home environment - Brush system cleaning of the ducts is available" )
  • Furnace Inspections Standard
    • Blower, Motor, and assembly are all inspected
    • Air Ducts - leaking air ducts are potential areas that reduce the furnace capacity to different rooms and areas
    • Furnace efficiency analyzed
      • Furnace filters, or furnace air cleaners are inspected and recommendations given on the quality and types available
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Coils
    • Registers
    • Drain Pan
    • Grills
    • Air Filter
    • Air Cleaner and more

Heating and Cooling Systems Cleaned

Proper cleaning of the entire system and inspection is a must in Furnace Cleaning, recontamination could occur and our process ensures a completely clean duct and furnace system for a healthy home, with clean air being delivered.

  • Improve Your Air Quality
    • Your family's health and well being are important to you and to us, we ensure that your entire system is free of contaminants and dust that could cause problems.
    • Twin Peaks Furnace Cleaning has the newest furnace cleaning technology in Central Alberta, with 3 trucks using advanced cleaning equipment which was specially designed for heating and cooling systems.
    • Each truck is manned by a 2 fully trained furnace cleaning specialists which means the time spent in your home will be lower than average, with exceptional results. 

Commercial Cleaning - Furnace and Cooling Systems

Twin Peaks can handle all your commercial cleaning requirements, we service large apartment buildings, commercial buildings, industrial, restaurants and much more.

  • Free Estimates On All Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems.
  • Call Us Today 403-340-2335

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