By: Equworth  09-12-2011

RRSP Investments

RRSP investing provides a unique investment oppourtunity to people who would like to invest but feel that they do not have the money.

Many people feel that they are in this situation and find out that they actually have more money available to them than they thought. Your RRSP funds are available to you to invest as you choose.

But aren’t my RRSP funds “locked away” once I have made my contributions?

No. You can switch your RRSP fund to a “self directed RRSP account”. This allows you rather than your adviser to manage your investments. Your money is still secure with your registering company but you can choose where to invest it.

What happens to my money once it is designated as self-directed?

In effect, your RRSP serves to purchase a mortgage on a real property and it gets a return paid to it in the form of interest payments.  Your RRSP is acting just like a bank loan; it provides investment money towards a revenue property and receives interest in return.  Property is one of the most reliable investments available and we are currently in a very strong and secure growth market.  The RRSP funds are registered on the title of the mortgage for your protection.  We are able to offer you stable and locked in annual interest rates between 8 and 12%.

RRSP investing is a creative way to increase your investment capital and portfolio options.

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Jeff had me fill out a questionnaire to help us both find the right type of property, he then found a suitable purchase, presented to me, and we moved forward with the purchase. When it comes to investing in real estate we can help you establish a plan and achieve your goals. Real everyday working people with hopes and dreams for their family’s futures are our clients.



We have established an exclusive group of professional real estate developers, investors and renovation contractors interested in purchasing properties from Equworth. Members of this exculsive Platinum Buyers Group receive all wholesale property leads 10 days prior to any general public announcements and marketing. Equworth Properties is actively providing new opportunities for investors to purchase development and renovation style properties.



A joint venture is a legal agreement made by two or more parties who collaborate on a mutually-benefitting project or investment. Both you, the investor and Equworth, the asset manager bring something valuable to the table that benefits the other party. Athough they are not widely recognized by the general public, joint ventures have a long history in the investment world.



We meet with you to establish what your goals and plans are for the near future and get some insight into the type of property that best suites your needs and your current and future financial situation. If we decide to assist you with your first home purchase, Equworth Properties purchases a home with an agreement to rent it to you for a fixed period of time.