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By: Fresh Water Treatment Systems  09-12-2011
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Fresh Water Treatment Systems ltd.

Weight kg: 6.9

Arguably the best compressor of its type in the world, this 1/3 hp unit was developed to be the heart of personal oxygen systems and for other medical air applications where very clean air with absolutely no oil or other contaminants is essential. It has developed a following among manufacturers all over the world.

Because there is no oil, there is no efficiency reducing, internal bio-fouling of diffusers, (2) oxygen transfer to the water from rising bubbles in the water column is not impaired by any trace of oil (3) oxygen transfer from the atmosphere to the water cannot be reduced by accumulation of oil on the surface as happens with any oil lubricated piston compressor.


Please note that all specifications given for compressors offered on this website are actual efficiency numbers. They are based on how the compressor performs on a “Standard Day” which is 59◦F temp, 40% humidity at a sea level atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi. When you are comparing these compressors with those of other companies be aware that data put out by most other companies may be calculated by multiplying the compressors bore and stroke with its RPM. In the case of these “wobl” style compressors where the piston head and the connecting rod are one solid piece and the piston head “Wobl’s” from side to side in the cylinder with each stroke, the calculated efficiency of any given unit may be exaggerated over its actual efficiency by as much as 25%.

Please review the following data as being actual performance information:

Rated Voltage V 115V/60Hz
Input Power W ≤330W
Rated Flow m3/h
Rated working pressure KPa 140KPa
Max. pressure KPa ≥245KPa
Speed RPM ≥1680 RPM
Noise dB(A) ≤60dB(A)
Ambient temperature °C 5-40 °C
Insulation grade Class B
Cold Insulation Resistance M? ≥500 MΩ
Voltage-Resistance Intensity 1500V/50Hz 1min no spark
Thermal protector Automatic reset 135±5°C
Capacitor µF 22µF±5%
Weight KG 6.5 Kg
Dimension mm 234 x 103 x 168 mm
Fixing dimension mm 147 x 83 mm (thread 4-UNC1/4-20)
Restart pressure KPa OKPa
Thread NPT1/4-18

Price $: 299.95


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