Custom Hand Carved High End Gold Jewelry

By: Anadventure  09-12-2011
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70 Million Years in the making now given Precious Gemstone Status! Prehistoric AMMONITES roamed the oceans, millions of years ago, these oceans, are now the area known as, Southern Alberta Canada. These creatures lived and died in huge numbers as their remains were compressed in layers of mud and silt. Through time these compressed layers created these magnificent gem stones from the fossilized remains of the outer shells of these extinct shell creatures. This process was only possible by time and the proper pressures and conditions. The result was brilliant iridescent colors, ranging from red to blues to greens to yellows. The most vibrant in color and pattern, these gem stones from the Ammonite known as Ammolite are extremely rare, as the limited deposits of ammonites are depleting in numbers. AN Adventure Creations have designed Ammolites surrounded by the timeless glitter of gold into designs of North America for our customers that wish to acquire the rarest of Gemstones. These rare gem stone creations will only gain in value as quantities deplete. Each Ammolite is unique, as no two are the same! We use only AA quality and although they have been covered with a spenel cap they should be worn in a gentle manner to prevent scratching and excessive submersion in water to prevent clouding between the layers.


AN Adventure Creations design nugget jewelry around the natural shape of natures lost treasure. Each nugget is unique as it was found in the placer mine gold pan. Sizes and weights vary making each piece of jewelry unique to itself.


Unique to the North American elk (wapiti) these two eye teeth found only in the animals upper jaw are ivory, while the teeth in the lower jaw are non ivory. Highly prized by hunters to design into jewelry AN Adventure Creations has produced some unique designs to utilize this wonder of nature. Our elk ivories are acquired from the elk farming industry or from our customers directly and treasured by the special designs they enhance.

Keywords: Gold