AmmTrainer3D™ plus AmmSensor

By: Advanced Motion Measurement  09-12-2011

AmmTrainer3D™ plus AmmSensor™ uses real-time audio biofeedback tones to allow the golfer to feel the correct or wrong positions at all the key points during the swing. It tracks all three body angles for any body segment, including; bend (forward-back), tilt (side-to-side) and turn (open-closed) of any body segment. The tone could be pleasant (positive tone) or obnoxious (negative tone); this allows the use of both positive and negative feedback. It runs on either a laptop or a Windows compatible smart phone.

Here is how the laptop application works:

  1. Select if you wish to track Bend, Tilt or Turn
  2. Choose if you want the tone when In or Out of range
  3. Set a nice positive tone (Good) or an obnoxious negative tone (Bad)
  4. Enter a low and high value if they are known. If not known then hit “Live” to get the sensor into live reading mode, press “Freeze” when the subject is in the correct position this would put the current value into the red box. Look at this and enter the high/low values above and below the correct value
  5. Press Enable Biofeedback to start reading
  6. The tone will now sound when the golfer matches the required conditions

The application can be programmed with specific presets. This means that the instructor can program many different drills so that the golfer can just choose the recommended ones. In the diagram below we see two presets; shoulder turn and pelvic tilt; many more settings can easily be added.    

  • Set pelvis turn in the back swing to between 40 and 50 degrees to show the golfer the correct amount of turn, use the good tone so it is a pleasant sound.

  • Do the same for the shoulders; set it between 75 and 95 degrees.

  • If the golfer is overturning the hips set the tone to bad and set the range to 60 to 120 (or any high number) now the phone will beep when the golfer overturns.

  • To correct a “reverse spine angle” set the tone to beep when the bend value is past 0 (i.e. 0 to -60 say); it should be the “bad” tone.
    Set the button to Bend and the ranges to 20 to 40 degrees, check the good button. Now the address posture for pelvis forward bend can be practiced. The good tone will be heard when the golfer is in the correct position.

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