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By: Geoff Simpson  09-12-2011

What an opportunity I was given by Raven Eye Photography, of Fernie B.C., to join them in their documenting of the Wasa Lake Triathlon in, yup, you guessed it, Wasa Lake, B.C. I jumped at the opportunity to head down South and shoot with Todd and Martina, and help them cover the huge event that boasted over 900 racers.

Why was I so excited? I love being in on the action of event photography, I’d never been down to the Wasa area near Cranbrook, and I knew the drive down would provide the perfect day-trip for some great landscape shots.

What I didn’t know at the time, is that I would count 9 black bears and 1 grizzly on the drive South, and another 3 black bears and 2 grizzlies on the way North the following afternoon. I don’t usually shoot wildlife, and this was my first real good opportunity to get a few snaps of these beautiful beasts.

Something that has been floating around the photographer and mountaineers sociables lately is the harm that humans are doing to the bear population, and the fatalities that come at the hands of mankind.

Top wildlife photographers from the area like Cai Priestly, John Marriott and Brandon Brown have been blogging and starting new groups to see some action on behalf of the Federal and Provincial government, as well as the somewhat complacent company CP Rail. They have been doing a great job bringing attention to this issue since another female adult of 2 cubs was hit by a train. Again.

But while we are trying to do what we can to make the rails safer and the companies responsible for them accountable for their actions, let’s not forget the simple things we can do everyday to make the bears and all animals a little safer: -SLOW DOWN; if you must take a photo, stop where it is safe, take a quick snap and move along (although in all likelihood, your photos will not hold a candle to the photographers listed above, so consider not stopping, and just ordering their prints!) avoid “Bear jams” that make it dangerous to the animals and the motorists.

Below you’ll see what I mean.


Oh, and I will definitely be showcasing some highlights from Wasa, I just felt this was a little more pressing. ~G

A beautiful young grizzly having lunch next to the 93 highway.

There were at least 6 vehicles lined up for these poor little guys, on a hill, on a turn, on the hi-way. The “run-away lane” seems to add a little irony.

He’s waiting for his buddy. At this point I’m stopped because these guys really want to get away from everyone, and moments later they darted across the Southbound lanes and into the trees. At the time, I was secretly wishing they attacked this guy’s Denali.

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Amanda made for a stunning bride with her 3 beautiful sisters at her side while Kevin and his groomsmen were seasoned celebration pros, dressed to kill and speeches that made you feel like you’d known the couple for years. This week I have the pleasure of working with one of my favourite clients throughout the multi-cultural festival “Globalfest” in Calgary, at Elliston park.


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I try to always leave the area on a great shot, wanting more Upon disembarking from my expedition, it’s time to put on coffee, load the photos onto my workstation, and clean my gear. He was really excited when we hit up Vermillion lakes for ‘sunrise’ last Saturday, June 4th, because there were a whole gang of elk waking up and roaming around.