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By: Geoff Simpson  09-12-2011

How fast have you been on a motorcycle? A bicycle? How about a plank of wood just inches off the ground, in a tuck position, down a hill, without brakes?

Last weekend I was visiting Calgary for the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association) World Cup Series of Long boarding and street luge. Hosted at Calgary Olympic Park by Winsport Canada, the series of races over the course of 3 days was something you shouldn’t miss. Men, women, even kids were ripping down the closed bobsleigh access road at speeds around 90km/hr. Ripping.
A helmet, gloves and leather suit. That’s what is supposed to lessen the pain after some riders tumbled and flipped, across the road and into the hay bales.

Most of the world’s best downhill board athletes were competing, including Mischo Erban of Vernon, B.C., who holds the current speed record of 130.08km/hr. The winner was Patrick Switzer, of Vancouver B.C., with his 4th victory on the tour, 2nd of the year.

I was perfectly happy working away, BESIDE the course.

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A convertible Cadillac.  A yellow school bus.  A puppy named Bella. Blonde curls, and brunette girls.  A pub, a farm, and a football. A very loving, beautiful couple.

Sometimes, as a photographer, clients don’t give you that much to work with. Kevin and Amanda’s wedding however, was the exact opposite.  You can’t plan stuff this good.

Amanda made for a stunning bride with her 3 beautiful sisters at her side while Kevin and his groomsmen were seasoned celebration pros, dressed to kill and speeches that made you feel like you’d known the couple for years.

It was a DIY wedding, but you’d never know it. Amanda has a flair for creativity, and she blew people away with her elaborate decor including saplings she’d grown as gifts for their guests.  Even the cactus adorning cake was created by her mother, with a helping hand and thoughtful actions of friends and family.

All in all it was an incredible day, capped off with a huge party that I was told by Amanda was mandatory to partake in. My only wish is that every wedding could be such a blast!

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This week I have the pleasure of working with one of my favourite clients throughout the multi-cultural festival “Globalfest” in Calgary, at Elliston park.  The park boasts dozens of food vendors celebrating the diversity of Calgary, as well as musical and dancing performances on different stages.

The main attraction of this event is the 5 nights of firework displays overtop the lake, by 4 different countries: China, Phillipines, Canada and Italy. The final night is the grand finale. Let me tell you, the organizers do not disappoint, creatively pairing music with their display. The show has run 30-40 minutes each night thus far, and I highly recommend it for kids, and kids at heart.


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I love being in on the action of event photography, I’d never been down to the Wasa area near Cranbrook, and I knew the drive down would provide the perfect day-trip for some great landscape shots. What I didn’t know at the time, is that I would count 9 black bears and 1 grizzly on the drive South, and another 3 black bears and 2 grizzlies on the way North the following afternoon.


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I try to always leave the area on a great shot, wanting more Upon disembarking from my expedition, it’s time to put on coffee, load the photos onto my workstation, and clean my gear. He was really excited when we hit up Vermillion lakes for ‘sunrise’ last Saturday, June 4th, because there were a whole gang of elk waking up and roaming around.