Commercial Fire Extinguisher Services

By: Banff Fire  09-12-2011

Fire Extinguishers ~ Our Shop is certified annually by Warnock Hersey.  All Extinguishers are serviced as per NFPA 10. 

Fire Extinguishers of many sizes and classes are available for purchase.

We service all sizes and types of Fire Extinguishers, including wheeled units. 

Please note that if your extinguisher has a plastic handle, we may not be able to service it.  If you are unsure, bring it in.

We will also provide you with a loaner extinguisher while yours is being serviced.

Some of the different services performed on fire extinguishers are as follows:

Annual ~ the annual servicing of a fire extinguisher consists of a visual inspection, to check for shell damage and corrosion.  Once this is complete and the shell appears to be in good condition, the hose is removed and checked to ensure proper airflow, the pressure gauge is checked for appropriate pressure, the pull pin is tested to ensure proper operation and a new tamper seal is put in place.

Recharge ~ if for any reason your extinguisher has been discharged, or the pressure gauge is low, we will refill with powder if required and re-pressurize the cylinder. 

Every 6 years from the date of manufacture, Fire Extinguishers require specialized testing.  These tests alternate every 6 years.

6 year ~ during this test, the powder is removed, valves, head, handle and hose are cleaned and replaced if necessary.  Once all of this is complete, new powder is added, the cylinder is re-pressurized and the pull pin and tamper seal are replaced.

Hydrostatic Test & Recharge ~ this test is identical to the 6 year test with one more step.  Once emptied, the cylinder is pressurized with water to 3 times it's regular pressure to check for cracks, leaks and damage not visible to the naked eye.

Other products and services from Banff Fire


Backflow Prevention Devices

Should you have any questions, would like a, or to schedule installation or testing of a Backflow Prevention Device, please. A "Backflow Prevention Device" is used to protect water supplies from contamination or pollution. Our technicians are certified testers and our testing equipment is calibrated annually.


Commercial Fire Alarms

Annual Mainenance & Testing ~ In order to keep your facility up to National Fire Code regulations {NFPA 72}, you must have your system tested annually by a qualified service personnel (NFPA 72. All fire panels and parts are installed by a certified technician. We sell and install various parts for all brands of fire panels. We install Notifier® brand fire panels.


Commercial Kitchen Services

Annual or Semi-Annual Maintenance & Testing ~ Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are due for testing at a minimum of 6 month intervals by a properly trained, qualified, and certified person. Please note that we do not offer commercial cleaning services for your exhaust hoods, however, we would be happy to help you find someone who can.



If you are interested in a product that we don’t carry on a regular basis, please let us know as we are happy to make special orders. Class A - Ordinary Combustible Material Class B - Flammable Liquids Class C - Electrically Energized Equipment. Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Extinguisher Class ABC. We carry a wide variety of products for sale.



If you have a fire in your basement, the smoke detector downstairs can activate the one outside of your bedroom to wake you up and get you out. Both battery operated and hard wired devices are available, as well as devices that communicate with one another. If your extinguisher is for home use only, we suggest that you check the pressure gauges monthly.