By: Photos By Madman  09-12-2011

From time to time, I have a variety of used (and occasionally new) equipment for sale. If you are interested in any of the equipment below, let me know. If you are in Canada, you must add GST to all the prices below. Since I buy in volume, I typically get good prices and I generally have most of my equipment for sale. When it sells, I replace it, often with the same make and model. Right now the cameras I "buy" are Canon 20D's and Fuji S2 Pro's. Unless otherwise specified, all the equipment is in perfect working order and all glass is spotless. I no longer have any Nikon Cameras, I recently sold my last one (I currently prefer Fuji S2 Pro's for use with my Nikon lenses)

Comment on pricing. Remember if you are Canadian that you don't have to deal with customs charges when you buy from me (UPS usually charges me about $65 per shipment just to tell me that I don't owe anything other than GST when I bring stuff in from the US, when it comes Canada Post, the charge is $8 plus GST) and shipping is cheaper because you are only paying domestic rates. Having said that - I have had US and Australian and Switzerland buyers because they were happy with just a 'good' deal being better than 'the normal'. Some of my equipment I sell on eBay. While the prices I get on eBay are almost always higher than the prices I charge directly, eBay charges me a commission which lowers the amount I make - and there is more of a hassle. All price comparisons are the lowest   price that other people are paying (last time I checked) on eBay unless otherwise noted.

Current non-ebay list of equipment:

Canon 20D Camera, Brand New (kept as spare camera in case of emergency but never used.)

Fuji S2 Pro Camera, Used for about 1250 pictures. Look new except: The Play and Func buttons lettering has mostly rubbed off.

Nikon 80-400mm VR (Image Stabilization) lens including Nikon hood and Nikon case. In flawless 'like new' condition. (Used for about 100 pictures)

  • $1375 US or $1698 CDN (Compared at $1815 CDN)

Payment options:

  • Mastercard or Visa payment using Paypal (as of 2004, you do NOT need a Paypal account to pay using Paypal)
  • Any other payments via Paypal
  • North American Cheque/Check (sorry, I don't accept international cheques). If it is certified, your product will ship immediately, if not certified, I wait for the cheque to clear.
  • Cash. (But don't send this through the mail)
  • Postal or Bank money order or Bank transfer.

Shipping options:

  • Postal service
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Pickup in Calgary or Balzac (phone for appointment)
The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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