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By: Kwiksites  09-12-2011

With our new Security Awareness – an Introduction course, you can bring security awareness to the shop floor, the field, to the receptionist and to each person in the organization in an hour.  For maximum flexibility, it can be completed anywhere with internet access, 24 hours a day - no scheduling, facilities or time lost to travel and set up. 

In our view, the most effective security force in any organization is the individual that knows the daily activities and when those activities are amiss.  This on-line security awareness training course offered through our affiliation with the Red Deer College is often the first step to help a company to meet requirements under CSA Standard Z246.1-09 with respect to workplace security management. The focus of the course is to give all personnel the tools to identify, qualify and appropriately respond to suspicious activity before they become criminal events - skills applicable to any industry.  Participants earn a certificate from this accredited College. 

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The following assistance can be provided to owners and operators in the Oil & Gas Industries in meeting requirements under CSA Standard Z246.1-09:   

  • Gap Analysis to identify any deficiencies between current security programs and the Standard
  • provide recommendations to meet Standard requirements 
  • develop a security program as outlined in the Standard
  • CSA Z246.1-09 workshops/training seminars

As well as:

  • development of specific security incident procedures
  • conducting security related asset characterization, threat, vulnerability and risk assessments
  • development of a tiered security threat response plan
  • development of a security training and awareness process
  • on-site security training courses, exercises and drills

Our Chief Technical Security Advisor is a founding principal of TOCRA Inc., which is currently the sole entity delivering CSA accredited training seminars on Standard Z246.1-09.

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Offered through Red Deer College, this completely online course is focused on getting everyone in your organization thinking about suspicious activities, qualifying those activities in their own mind and responding in a safe manner. The course content was developed by security professionals and brought under the rigour of professional educators and online training experts. It is the foundation of workplace security management.