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By: Compucatz  09-12-2011
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Welcome to our World


We take a great deal of pride in our ability to take our understanding of what our clients want and then provide you with completely functional, great looking, professional quality websites which we know will make you not only happy and proud, but also quite envied by peers!
We can also provide your organization with personalized, professional, corporate publication portfolios complete with advertising documents and business cards specifically designed to match your website, whether we design it or not!

You can see by CompuCatz' impressive service list that our intention is to provide the very highest quality service, and produce the very highest quality results, and also give you the most helpful, accurate information as we assist you with every aspect of your online presence, from conception to completion.

Our special CompuCatz services are available both locally and world wide. If you are close by we have a few extras like very special discounts that only you can take advantage of. But if you aren't close by we will still give you our internationally renowned preferred service and quality workmanship!

No matter who you are, or where you are, CompuCatz is dedictated to giving you our best and always being there for you!

Using the latest in technology with State of the Art tools and software, CompuCatz brings your online visions and dreams to live reality.

If what you want is an interactive site with photo galleries, custom forms, RSS news feeds, blogs, forums or guestbooks, we can do that!
If you want something flashy, colorful, and graphically intense to show off what you've got, we can do that!
Or, if you need something classically corporate to present your information and content, we can do that!

And, if you want a little of everything, we can do that too!

An important part of building any website will be to give it an address so that everyone can find it!
We can help with advice for choosing just the right domain name, and get you going with registration and hosting for the new address.
If you already have everything you need, we can help you set it up.

Not only do we create beautiful, professional, custom publications for your organization, we'll make them match your new website!

Whether you need a personal publication porfolio for you or for your organization, we can custom design and print almost everything you can think of:

If you don't see what you need here drop us a line, chances are that we can design whatever you can think of!

Even though our posted photos are constantly changing as they sell, we know you will always find breathtaking pictures of things you will love. Maybe even as much as we do!

If you don't have a company logo, we can work together to create a really special and unique one just for you.
But whether it is an old logo or a new one, we'll incorporate it into your website as well as all of your portfolio papers

Be sure to fill out our Design Brochure and receive 20% off of all of our services!

Except under exclusive circumstanses, CompuCatz only offers our very own Special Tutoring program to our local students of all ages.

No doubt it's expensive when you are paying certified professionals for things like:

  • designers' ideas
  • photographers' time
  • programmers' software
  • technicians' patient skills
  • hosting servers' confidence
  • ongoing maintenance
  • superior help

You really are paying for a lot!

But when you look at all of the time, knowledge and the excellence of the workmanship that goes into everything we do for you, combined with the fast, effective results you have come to expect, you really get a lot more than you pay for!

When compared to other designers, CompuCatz web design rates are very low at $65.00/hr CAD.
GST, when applicable, is included in the price.

The same rate of $65.00/hr, GST included, also applies to our corporate publication and portfolio design.
Printing and shipping costs will vary by amount.

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Keywords: Business Cards