Sandstone Solutions

By: Sandstone Solutions  09-12-2011


Technology - We use technology as an instrument to facilitate the client's needs and to offer new possibilities that can far exceed the capabilities of traditional business. We utilize the latest technology to deliver the right solutions, employing Java, Shockwave, JSP, ASP, VRML, Client-Server Network Integration, XML, SSL, SQL, EJB and dynamically generated HTML, accompanied by back-end database applications. The production methodology is suited exactly to the client's content and goals, and makes maximum use of the interactive medium.


Sandstone Solutions approaches each client engagement utilizing our standard methodology. Through this process, our Strategic Consultants thoroughly research our clients entire business - including internal and external audiences, such as employees, customers and suppliers - to determine the effectiveness of existing communication programs and how such programs may be improved and integrated into an interactive communications strategy that helps our clients gain a competitive advantage. Our consultants help our clients identify their customers and other target audiences, define the processes of communicating to those audiences and analyze the results of those communications.

We apply our expertise to each integrated solution to enable clients to deliver the right message at the right time to the right audience. Our solutions range from extending, enhancing and developing brands, designing corporate and product brand networks, integrating and developing media programming and relationship-building, to acquiring and maintaining customers.

We assist our clients through our expertise in business processes to improve the entire value chain of their businesses, from sales, accounting, order management, supply chain management and inventory procurement, to planning and scheduling, manufacturing and finished goods delivery.

Sandstone Solutions puts its expertise in business processes to ensure that each integrated solution is designed to consider, analyze and improve all components of our clients value chain.