Lemar Wireless Control System

By: Lemar Tree Spades  09-12-2011

Keeping up with the speed of technological advancement in today’s world is tough, but leading
the way is even tougher! Lemar is leading the way with their new Hydra-wave (Patent Pending)
control system. This new technological advancement is the only system of its kind around the world; bringing power generation and wireless control technology into one neat and tidy package that will revolutionize the attachment industry.


  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Generates electricity with the hydraulic fluid used to run your attachment.
  • No battery required
  • Built to take the abuse of harsh weather and rough terrain
  • Easily adapted onto any attachment that requires electronic control
  • LED display provides peace of mind and visual testing aide.


  • Absolutely no more struggling with wires!
  • Absolutely no more fighting with plugs!
  • No more running wires, up and down, in and out, of your operating units!
  • No more pinched wires!
  • No more down-time due to plug and wiring issues!
  • Upgrade your operating units without worrying about what is involved in retrofitting to fit your attachments
  • Enables you to rent an operating unit to run your attachment without any extra setup time or cost
  • Run your spade on any machine in your fleet, not just a “select few” that have been wired

Why Switch To The Hydra-wave?

  • The vast majority of our service calls and inquiries are related to wiring and plug failures. Most of which are operator mishaps that cause unwanted down-time when you need to be making money with your attachment.
  • This feature will allow you to use any operating unit – even a rental – to run your attachment. No extra setup required. You won’t have to wait until your digging unit is free again, just hop in another unit and away you go.
  • Down-time is one of the most costly expenses seasonal businesses have to deal with. The average customer has about 1 to 2 days of downtime every year, due to wiring and plug related issues. While your crew is standing around and you are falling further behind your production targets, remember how little you could spend to save so much.

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