Kangen Water Ionizer by Enagic.

Kangen Water Ionizer by Enagic. from Kangen Water Boy

By: Kangen Water Boy  29-04-2011
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We are Distributors for Enagic, Kangen Water Ionizers, which convert ordinary Acidic Tap water into Alkaline, Anti-Oxidant, Micro-Clustered Healthy Drinking Water. These machines are manufactured in Japan and have been in use there for 38 years. They call it "Magic Water", because of what it will do to aid the body in strengthening the Immune System and giving it the ability of Healing Itself. There are many uses for the various waters produced by the machines. From the obvious Drinking water, to Cooking, Cleaning, and even Sterilizing and Removing the Pesticides and Herbicides from your fruits and vegetables. Change Your Water, Change Your Life.

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