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By: Motion Specialties Airdrie  07-10-2015
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Obstructive Sleep Apnea afflicts 20 million adult men and women in North America. People who have OSA stop breathing repeatedly during sleep because the airway collapses. Airway collapse may be due to such factors as a large tongue, extra tissue in the airway, or decreased muscle tone holding the airway open. As a result, air is prevented from getting into the lungs. These pauses in breathing can happen 30 times or more per hour. When healthy sleep is interrupted in this way, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other serious health conditions may increase. Motion Specialties is a government-authorized CPAP Vendor. Most of our locations have a dedicated CPAP specialist on site. Visit the learning centre for more information on Obstructive Sleep Apnea and CPAP Therapy.

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Canes can be wooden, aluminum, or steel. Typically there are three styles of canes. First, the traditional hook cane that looks like a candy-cane as we know it. Secondly an offset cane where the handle extends forward before coming back and centring your hand over the base of the cane. And third, a derby-style cane which more or less resembles a walking stick. Folding canes are also available and most times these canes have a derby handle style


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Walkers and rollators are available in various models to help the user remain as active as possible. There are walkers and rollators available for both indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor walkers are safe for indoors as well, while indoor walkers won’t roll as smoothly outdoors and are recommended for minimal use outside of an area with smooth terrain. The terms rollator and walker are typically used interchangeably however a rollator is actually a type of walker that includes a seat, wheels, and

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Your local Motion Specialties will help you to identify the answers to your questions. They can also help you determine the best type of batteries for your power mobility scooter and can help with trial items to determine a product with the best speed and control for your needs. A sales consultant will also help provide you with travel and warranty information and tips on how you can maintain your scooter, or whether you may need a wheelchair in addition to your scooter

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Lift chairs are designed to look like a recliner and come in a variety of styles and fabrics so that they can be matched to your home décor. They also come in leather look and contemporary designs to truly fit any home’s style. Each lift chair has been engineered for long lasting durability and comes backed with a comprehensive warranty. Lift chairs are stylish and reliable and a great way to start taking charge of becoming active again.

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You may have many questions if you’re considering purchasing a chair lift, correctly named a stairlift to carry you up and down the stairs of your home safely and painlessly. If you’re worried about your walls being strong enough to support a stair lift you don’t need to be alarmed. Stair lifts are installed into your staircase and don’t require any modification to your walls. Stairlifts do vary slightly in dimension so we are typically able to fit even most narrow staircases with a stair li