Spruceland’s Products

By: Spruceland  09-12-2011
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Spruceland’s Products

Spruceland Millworks uses Western SPF stock for its entire product line. Much of the SPF we process is harvested from forests in Northern Alberta, where short growing seasons mean thinner growth rings, smaller knots, and less warp. This means SPF lumber is straight, smooth-grained, and easy to work with. Its light coloring and small grain grant it a pleasant appearance for use in specialty visual products like decking and paneling. Its resistance to warping and high strength-to-weight ratio make it ideal for structural and industrial applications, but it’s also soft enough to be easily worked by hand, and takes paint and nails well. Spruceland produces a wide range of dimensional lumber, from studs to furring strips to decking, as well as a number of access solutions.

Please contact our sales team for more information on any of our listed products or with inquiries about products or dimensions not listed on our website.

Dimensional Lumber

Finger Joint Studs

2" x 4" x 8' - 10' PET Trims
2" x 6" x 8' - 10' PET Trims

Garden Wood

Premium Balusters

2" x 2" x 36" - 96"
2" x 3" x 36" - 48"
Available in B1E, B2E & No Bevel

Hi Line S1S2E Dog Eared Fencing

1" x 4" x 6'

Premium 5/4 Radius Edge S4S Decking

5/4 x 4" x 8' - 16'
5/4 x 5" x 8' - 16'
5/4 x 6" x 8' - 16'
Available in 1/4", 3/8", Bull Nose Radius

Premium S4S Fencing

1" x 6" x 4' - 6'


Home Component & DIY Grade Lumber

We produce home component and DIY grade lumber in standard and metric sizes.

Speciality Lumber

Finger Joint Strips

1" x 2" x 8'
2" x 2" x 8'

Premium Furring Strips

1" x 2" x 8' - 16'
1" x 3" x 8'
Available in multiple grades

Premium S4S Boards

1" x 4" x 8' - 12'
1" x 6" x 8' - 12'
Available in multiple grades

Mobile Home Components

Available in multiple trims and sizes.

Industrial Lumber

Notched Stringers & Grooved Dunnage

Access Solutions

In addition to our dimensional and specialty lumber, we also produce 3-ply laminated access mats. Our mats are made from 2x8 lumber, and held together by 170 dome-head carriage bolts. Suitable for access roads, wet or muddy conditions, grass and subsoil protection, construction sites, staging sites, and other areas requiring strong, stable work platforms.

With in-house raw material control on our spruce supply, we can go from tree to truck in two weeks, and guarantee availability of our spruce mats. Our spruce supply is 100% Albertan, so our mats don’t contain imported insects or contaminants, and transport costs are kept to a minimum. We keep a large inventory of mats at our Acheson site, available for immediate delivery, and produce 30,000 mats/year, so we can keep delivering until your access solution is in place.

Custom sizing, configuration and species selection are available, in addition to our standard mats.
Contact , or for more information.


100% local spruce mat
An effective, environmentally friendly, low-cost access solution
3 layers of rough 2x8 spruce held together with 170 dome-head carriage bolts
Dimensions: 6" x 8' x 14'
Weight: 1500 lbs. 60/load
Guaranteed two week delivery

Planed Spruce Mat

100% dressed spruce
Lightweight, low-cost access mat, suitable for rubber-tired service vehicles
Dimensions: 4.5" x 8' x 14'
Weight: 1100 lbs. 80/load
Guaranteed two week delivery

Hybrid EcoMat

A standard EcoMat with Oak top lead and finger boards
Increases strength and adds durability in high-wear and high-stress areas
Dimensions: 6" x 8' x 14'
Weight: 1800 lbs. 50/load
Inquire about lead times

Rough Fir Mat

100% rough Douglas Fir mat
3 ply rough 2x8 Douglas Fir, secured with 170 bolts
Dimensions: 5" x 8' x 14'
Weight: 1700 lbs. 52/load

Solid Surface Mat

Adds tongue-and-groove joint to boards in top and bottom layers
Solid, easy-to-clean surface
Won’t pack with mud
Prevents transportation of foreign contaminants & species between installation sites
Stronger, more rigid, significantly improved torsional resistance
Dimensions: 6" x 8' x 14'
Weight: 1600 lbs. 56/load

Custom Mats

All mat types also available in 12', 14' and 16' lengths
Custom, mixed-species hybrid mats
2-ply and 4-ply
Alternate or custom bolt patterns
Please inquire with our sales team

Keywords: Dog Eared Fencing, lumber, Pet Trims,