The Review of our Last Satisfied Client

The Review of our Last Satisfied Client from We Clean Bed Bugs Pest Control

By: We Clean Bed Bugs Pest Control  23-11-2014
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My name is Jim Stark and I lives in Calgary Canada. In March this year my older sister started getting bitten overnight. Our two cats have always had a flea problem, which we have tried to treat repeatedly but they never seem to stay away, so we assumed the bites were from the fleas. We treated the cats again using different products but my sister was still being eaten alive overnight in her bed. We still assumed it was fleas until months later when she found a bed bug in the corner of her mattress. We hadn't really heard of bed bugs before so we didn't realize the seriousness of the issue until just recently when we started doing our research. My sister and I are both finding bugs regularly in our beds, and have found some on our couch downstairs too. A few days ago I set off a pest bomb in my room, as well as washing my clothes that were lying around or had been worn recently. I also steam mopped my bed and changed the sheets. Two weeks ago I have had two small bugs crawl on to my bed, found one on the wall next to my bed and lifted the corner of my mattress to find at least six bugs huddled together (and while I was steaming the bed I DEFINITELY focused on these corner areas). The biggest mistake by far was letting it go on for as long as it did without researching. Now we're left wondering what to do and how to get rid of these disgusting pests. We tried different methods but we could not get rid of this irritating bed bug infestation. We both have very severe reactions to the bites including itchiness lasting for days and a lot of redness and swelling. I was even bitten on the eyelid a few weeks ago which swelled up so bad my eye closed. We were desperate. Last Sunday my girl friend Shelly visited our home and I discussed the issue with her. She told me about “We Clean Bed Bugs (WCBB) Company” and asked me to hire their professional services to eradicate bed bugs completely from our home. I called the company and they promised to visit next day. In morning 10 am an expert technician of WCBB visited our home. He did some preparation then their company dropped equipments and they treated our home with bed bugs heat treatment. Company assured us about the effectiveness of heat treatment but we were worried as we tried different ways already. But we become amazed after seeing result of their treatment. Our house is now bed bug free and we can enjoy a disturbance free night sleep in comforts of our home. We are very happy with the results of WCBB’s heat treatment. Thank you WCCB for your professional services. If you live in Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver or Red Deer and you are facing bed bug infestation, I also suggest you to contact WCBB at 780-628-7566 or you may mail them on [email protected]

Keywords: Bed Bug Heat Treatment, Bed Bug Removal, Bed bugs Edmonton, Kill Bed Bugs,

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