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By: Ab Balancetech & Vibes  09-12-2011
Keywords: Machinery, motor

What do we do, in a nutshell?

We solve vibration, noise, balancing and performance problems on all types of equipment / machinery (listed below).

What specific services do we provide?

Vibration and sound / noise measurements on location

Total analysis of machinery, dynamics, air and water effect, sound, temperatures, misalignment, electrical and VFD's, foundations and connective parts, drive systems and pto, etc.

On-site dynamic balancing

Of anything that rotates, without major disassembly or machine downtime.

Accurate equipment support levelling and laser alignments

Inertia support pads, isolation springs, shafts, bearings, slide bases, jack shafts, couplings, pulleys, clutches, etc.

Lubrication analysis, evaluation and solutions

We are proud to represent Metalon and Kluber lubrication products.

Custom designed proven mechanical improvements or replacement

To existing problem machinery or systems.

Air movement equipment, complete and total servicing any make

Restorations of existing units and upgrading services, systems analysis and evaluation testing, air balancing of existing units and start ups of new equipment, any size any make.

Professional fan motor maintenance and troubleshooting

On all makes and types of variable pitch in motion axials fans: specialists on Woods, Joy, Sheldons, Aerovent, Chicago, Canadian/Buffalo, Novenco, Myson, Champion, Checo, Moore, Hudson, up to 250 hp on location.

Experts on Markhot

Varimark mechanism repairs or conversions.

Experts on control positioners / actuator calibration and repairs

Honeywell, Johnson, Fisher, SKF.

VIV centrifugal fan balancing, complete repairs

And overhauls - all types.

Cooling tower complete service

On fan and motor, gearbox, drive pulleys, bearing and shaft replacements, etc. BAC, Marley, Evapco, etc.

What equipment / machinery do we work on?

Our business is devoted to solving vibration, noise, balancing and performance problems on the following:

  • fans
  • blowers
  • pumps
  • chillers
  • motors
  • agitators
  • reciprocating and rotary screw compressors
  • hammer mills
  • gearboxes
  • conventional, axial flow rotary, and twin rotor combines
  • tractors
  • hovercrafts
  • pleasure yachts
  • ferries
  • container ships
  • cruise ships
  • tug boat propulsion systems
  • planers
  • augers
  • cutter heads
  • saws
  • drill rigs
  • clutches
  • jack shafts
  • chippers
  • tillers
  • hoggers
  • shredders
  • diesel and gas engines
  • couplings
  • pulleys
  • gas and steam turbines
  • AC/DC generators
  • VFD systems
  • flywheels
  • propellers
  • furnaces
  • boilers
  • hydraulics

Accu-Guard (PDM) - machinery protection programs

Condition monitoring contracts on any type or size machinery. commercial, industrial or marine locations.

We are certified qualified professionals

Mechanical engineering technologist = vibration analyst / dynamic balancing specialist (electric motors, fans and blowers / systems, pt power / diesel automotive, diesel and gas engines / generators, turbines and driven equipment), air movement and variable pitch in motion equipment specialist, industrial millwright, electric motor mechanic, air systems balancing technician.

VIBES Corp has 30 years of experience across Canada, Ontario - Vancouver Island.

  • Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology, SAIT.
  • EIT = Accu-Vib Industrial Services Ltd. Mississauga, ON.
  • EIT = Westinghouse Electric-Apparatus, Calgary, AB.
  • EIT = Sheldons Engineering, Calgary, AB, Cambridge, ON.

Vibration analysis & balancing courses - completed

  • Entek/IRD, Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Vibration Analysis & Balancing
  • Balance Technology Inc. - Shop Balancing Technology
  • Balmac Inc. - Vibration Analysis & Balancing Technology
  • DLI Engineering - Vibration Spectrum Analysis / Data Collection
  • Bruel & Kjaer - Vibration & Sound Technology
  • Vibration Institute - Vibration Analysis Lev. 1 & 2. Correspondence
  • ASHRAE - Air & Water Testing & Balancing Systems
  • ASHRAE - Air System Design & Retrofit

Other training courses

  • Joy Axivane Fan Servicing
  • Flakt/Woods Varofoil Fan Servicing
  • MarkHot Inc. HVAC Equipment Servicing
  • Lo - Rez Vibration Control - Marine Engines Isolation Installation & Calibration
  • SKF - Laser Alignment

We offer training

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Yours in Serious Service,

Garrett Sandwell, MET, CVA
President / GM

"Accurate Analysis, Diagnostic Evaluations, Corrections on All Types of Machinery"
Vibrations, Noise, Dynamic Balance, Performance, Laser Shaft & Drive Alignment,
Electro-Mechanical ACCU-GUARD PdM Program (TM) Monitoring Contracts, DUE DILIGENCE Verification Studies.
Factory Agents / Specialists: Industrial & Commercial Fans, Rotors, Blowers, Cooling Towers,
Motors, Magnetic ASD Drives.

Keywords: Machinery, motor

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