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By: Aaron Alsop  09-12-2011

Mar 21, 2011

Hi all, Well I started this blog much later on down the road of this restoration so I haven’t been doing well keeping up with a log of the restoration, but what the heck, why not start now! First a little bit about the car. I was located locally in BC and was a numbers matching car, custom ordered new local, and I even tracked down the original owner..

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DIY | Aaron K. Alsop, PMP

Ok I just needed an excuse to adjust my wing angle…:) What you need to do is remove the allen key screws, two on both side, under the wing. Hi all, So as I’m going to go with the SC kit this winter, I thought maybe more power requires more down force. Then you pivot the wing up and mine had an allen key lock screw there in the flat..


General | Aaron K. Alsop, PMP

I took it to the guys at Scan Automotive and they did an amazing job at correcting my mistakes and getting the car setup just perfect. It would have been better if I put in the front adjustable upper camber plates so they.. First impressions, wow what a difference.


Information | Aaron K. Alsop, PMP

So what made them go during an oil change you may ask… simple, jacking the car with the recommended instructions. What happens is that when you lift the rear of the car by the knuckle on the block and your motor mounts.. Hi all, Well today in doing an oil change, yes on my own, I had both motor mounts go. My car has 125,000 kms so this is not unusual.


Maintenance | Aaron K. Alsop, PMP

Well as I mentioned I decided to replace the wheel bearings before I go about replacing the wheel carriers on my C2 with the Turbo ones. The PIA thing about doing the job is getting it done 100% correctly and that involves special tools and heating them just right. Although I’m not scared of doing the job, I do lack a torch and some..


2001 Porsche 996 C2 | Aaron K. Alsop, PMP

Well, I’m almost completed… All the maintenance is done which was as follows: Water pump and thermostat Plugs, coils, and tubes Many coolant pipes Front driver’s rad fan The mechanics of the SC kit is installed, and you can tell this is a very carefully made kit. As you can see in the engine bay… I..