Data and Disaster Recovery | A&A Project Solutions

By: Aaprojectsolutions  09-12-2011


Recover your documents in case of destruction from fire, flood, natural disasters or other catastrophic events. 


  1. IDENTIFY all of your critical records.
  2. DETERMINE best storage method(s).
  3. FILE your records in such a way that you are able to find them quickly and efficiently.
  4. SECURE passwords, data encryption, and laptops.  Know who can access what.
  5. BACKUP  DATA.    Do you have a system in place for worry-free backup? 

This may sound daunting and overwhelming, but your business is your lifeblood.  Just by implementing these few solid business practices around information and records management, you will be able to secure your critical business data so that you can continue to enjoy your business and have a peace of mind. 

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