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By: A1 Assets  09-12-2011
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W e have the ability to ensure the proper recycling of 10 pounds or 10,000 pounds or more of electronics, metals, batteries, and wire. We service the entire Southeastern USA, with strategic and responsible partners in other parts of the country.

We have a drop-off processing facility located in Longwood (North of Orlando), Florida. Please call us today so that we can show you how easy it is to recycle your electronic equipment, batteries, CRT's, telephones, and more using the A1 Assets SMARTT System for responsible tracking and certificate processing. 

Environmental Concerns

The A1 Assets Way – Where are ALL of your outdated computer and electronic equipment going? What about components such as motherboards? The answer could be that you don’t know. As part of our Outsourced Remarketing Services, each electronic item is tested for working condition. Items that are working are documented as such and sold, donated, or otherwise reused. Items that are not working, have no value, and contain harmful materials are also documented as such, and are processed by us and tracked using the A1 Assets SMARTT System. Products that go to US Government EPA approved handlers and processors who utilize state-of-the-art equipment to process the by-products down to their reusable commodity levels (plastics, metals, glass, etc), are recorded and tracked so that you know the ‘end of your product life’ generated useful plastics, metals, etc for reuse in other products someday.

Protecting Your Data

Our facilities utilizes a state of the art program that erases any data that may still be on your hard drive. In fact, we run ALL of our hard drives through this facility, regardless of whether or not you inform us that you already erased the data. This is the only way we can be 100% certain that there is no data available on your hard drives before they are recycled. The program we use is a Department of Defense, HIPAA, and FBI certified program that makes it impossible to get any data off the hard drive once it is run through the program. Hard Drives that are not erasable due to errors on the disk, or hard drives requiring physical destruction are certified as being shredded. Certificates are available upon request.

W e have the experience and know-how to market all types of equipment. Not all equipment is ready for dismantling and recycling - and we know and openly admit this. We encourage the continued use of everything manufactured - for as long as possible. Prolonging the life of a product prolongs the life of the planet. We can market your equipment for you - new or used. We have thousands of people and organizations in our own directory where we can market your items, if they still have value. And all of this is tracked by the A1 Assets SMARTT System that you have access to!

Modern and In Tune With Today's Marketplace

The A1 Assets Way -  A1 Assets modernizes and streamlines the asset sales process. For sellable items, A1 Assets utilizes several different methods of selling that truly maximizes the potential for our customers to receive the most revenue for their assets. Through our established nationwide customers, including many universities, state and local agencies, and large corporations, purchases and bidding is done by going to our e-commerce web site –

Increase Sales - Decrease Costs

The A1 Assets Way – As many corporations, private enterprises, and government agencies have already found, the A1 Assets Way for Outsourced Remarketing not only INCREASES THE DOLLAR AMOUNT of asset sales - our customers also realize a substantial DECREASE IN THE COST associated selling their assets. This is because of several factors as noted below:


A) We ship! - We have a professional packing and shipping department so we can sell and ship your assets to a world-wide audience. This fact alone can increase the sale amount of your items several-fold.

 B) Advertising – We advertise in the most popular search engines such as Google, MSN, eBay, LabX, and Yahoo. We do not rely nor we depend upon ONE source to sell your assets! By being extremely flexible, we utilize the marketplace that is RIGHT FOR YOUR PRODUCT! This ensures that the maximum exposure to your asset is obtained!

 C) Valuation Services – We assess the value of each and every item. We have extensive knowledge in this area. We know how much a particular item should sell for BEFORE placing the item up for auction or sale. This allows us to maintain a minimum bid amount to ensure that your asset is not sold at too low of a price. We currently offer valuation services on a variety of products for entities such as Bank of America Leasing and Finance and others. Let our skilled professionals determine what your assets should and will be sold for!

 D) Performance Based Agreement – The more money we can get for your assets, the more we make. So we are always committed to getting the top dollar!


A) We pick up! – Our trucks roll to your location and pick up items for us to sell. This saves you warehouse expenses, as well as, personnel expenses.

 B) Modern On-Line Accounting – All of our sales are tracked on our web-based A1 Assets SMARTT System. This allows you to log in to our secure web server to track the sales process of each and every item. This includes being able to view the actual sales receipt (proof of sale and sale amount) for each item we sell. A detailed sales report is also e-mailed to our clients the first business day of each month for the prior month’s sales! This makes for fast and easy reconciliation of your assets.

. Please attach or include an inventory list so that we can better help you when we reply.

We can take in almost everything that you have that needs to be sold or recycled, giving our customers peace of mind knowing that if it is not sellable, then it is properly recycled. Nobody else can offer this service. We have been providing on-line and live auctions for the last several years. Our Auctioneering Business License number is AB2475.

If requesting information, please do not forget to include the following information in your e-mail:

Your name, Company name, your e-mail address, your telephone number, and any other information you have that may help us decide how best to help you!

Questions? Send us an e-mail or call us directly at the numbers listed below!

Keywords: auctioneering, Electronics, Hard Drives, Recycling