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With a total capacity of 570,000 metric tonnes of lignosulfonates per year from our three sulfite pulp mills in Europe and North America, Tembec is one of the largest lignosulfonate producers in the world. But we prefer that you think of us as your friendly face-to-face supplier.

ARBO™ lignosulfonates are modified natural polymers made from a renewable resource – our forests. They are used in a broad range of binder and dispersant applications.

Binder - definition

Binders are liquids or powders that can be used to agglomerate fine particles into abrasion-resistant pellets or granules. ARBO products can be used to bind a wide range of raw materials. Because of their low toxicity, ARBO lignosulfonates are useful in preparing animal feed pellets and fertilizers. Carbon black particles are easily formed into small, stable balls that can be reconstituted into their original form when used. Application of heat over a period of time can make the resulting pellets more resistant to break-up.

Dispersant – definition

Dispersants are used to fluidize slurries of various kinds. Slurry viscosity is reduced by the addition of small amounts of ARBO lignosulfonates. The concrete industry is a large consumer of ARBO products. Adding ARBO lignosulfonates to concrete makes it possible to increase the strength of the finished concrete by maintaining fluidity while reducing water content. Another important dispersant application is the stabilization of wax emulsions.

Chelating Agent - definition

Chelating agents chemically bind small amounts of micronutrients applied to plants. They can bind heavy metals in contaminated soils for easier removal and recovery.

Keywords: Sulfite Pulp Mills

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Con una capacidad total de 570.000 toneladas métricas de lignosulfonatos al año procedentes de nuestras tres fábricas de pasta de papel al sulfito de Europa y Norteamérica, Tembec es uno de los mayores productores de lignosulfonatos del mundo. Los agentes de unión son líquidos o polvos que pueden utilizarse para aglomerar partículas finas en bolitas o gránulos resistentes a la abrasión.


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Tembec est en mesure de produire plus de 570 000 tonnes métriques de lignosulfonates par année dans ses trois usines de pâte à bisulfite en Europe et en Amérique du Nord, ce qui en fait l’un des plus importants producteurs au monde. Les liants sont des liquides ou des poudres utilisés afin d’agglomérer les particules fines en boulettes ou en granules résistants à l’abrasion.