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By: A La Card  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Project Management, Production Process

Project Management is the big-picture umbrella under which most aspects of a successful card program or campaign are sheltered.

Our suite of services includes:

  • Card production budgeting with cost comparison analysis
  • Work-back schedules to ensure critical timelines are achieved for a successful on-time and on-budget product launch
  • Creative card design, incorporating the latest production technical features, ensuring the most unique designs in the marketplace
  • Quality control of production via management of the end-to-end card production process
  • Planning for card personalization requirements including embossing, thermal printing, laser engraving, magnetic stripe encoding, bar code application, photo application, encoding of magnetic stripe and encoding of the chip
  • Management of card fulfilment requirements including collateral acquisition for personalization, one-to-one marketing and specialty product add-ons
  • Management of lettershop services including insertions with corresponding marketing materials
  • Planning and preparation for bulk mailings, as well as secure and non-secure shipments

Strategic sourcing in North & South America for card production

  • Wherever your cardholder base is located, A LA CARD is able to source the production and distribution, whether your location is in Canada, USA, Mexico or South America
  • RFP preparation and execution means we ensure the best solutions and optimum pricing for your card production needs Contract set-up and negotiations during every critical step in the process
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) are established so as to meet your expectations for on-going product delivery
  • Process and procedures developed to ensure SLA adherence

Program Set-Up and Information Technology
Card personalization requirements – from data formatting to production file set-up, through to ensuring the final card product meets the required features and its ultimate end-function in the market.

  • In-branch personalization services
  • In-store personalization services (i.e. photo identification of co-brand credit card products)
  • Out-sourcing the printer and customized software needed for onsite card personalization tailored to your specific needs.

If you are looking for a comprehensive range of services relating to the development and delivery of plastic card and Smart Card programs, A LA CARD brings direct experience at every step of the process.

Day-to-Day Management of Your Card Program(s)

Once a project or product has launched, there are requirement for on-going day-to-day management to ensure card program success.

A LA CARD provides this seamless on-going service to maintain a continuous card program via:

  • Daily communications with suppliers for daily and weekly production updates
    Communication directly with your branches to achieve on-time product delivery and support for their needs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Inventory forecasting to ensure card supply is maintained

A LA CARD has the team available to manage the intricate day-to-day requirements of your card program. There is no need to keep in-house staff on the payroll for this task as your trusted card program management partner is able to manage the details for you.

Keywords: Marketing, Production Process, Project Management

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A La Card Consulting Limited

A LA CARD, as a consultant partner, can do all of the end-to-end project management, without incurring the in-house over-head, staffing costs and related ancillary expenses. Dawn Gallagher Murphy, founder and principal of A LA CARD, is fluently bilingual in French and English. A LA CARD’s expertise and know-how has been built over 7 years of end-to-end card program management.