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By: A La Card  09-12-2011


A LA CARD will provide an analysis of any current card programs underway. If the program is at the concept stage, A LA CARD will provide “cost, feature & benefit” analysis for the development of a new program.
To maximise ROI, we will examine all card production related costs and do a cost benefits analysis for each element of the card program.

We also go one step further. We prepare ‘Business Executive Summary’ reports for your executives’ so as to guarantee understanding and a final stamp of approval.


A LA CARD has excellent relationships within the card market place in North & South American and in Europe. By involvement with the Advanced Card Technology Association of Canada, as well as participation in card-related conferences and expositions, A LA CARD is able to provide its clients with current data and intelligence on future innovation.


A LA CARD will measure service providers, production requirements and budget constraints. Utilizing a structured proprietary process, A LA CARD will approach potential suppliers in a non-partisan manner, providing end users with options for optimal service delivery and cost effectiveness.

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Inventory management - A La Card Consulting Limited

Forecasting for your new card launch, reissuing of schedules, readdressing campaign targets and daily card issuance requires a meticulous approach to ensure historical data is established. Too much card inventory is not an economical solution and becomes a cost factor.


Product Sourcing - A La Card Consulting Limited

We work with top-notch graphic designers to bring our clients world-class high-impact cards, along with the complimentary collateral materials that support card roll-out and sustaining card campaigns. A LA CARD, with more than 7 years in card program management, has well-established relationships with myriad suppliers, production partners, and distribution centres across North and South America.


Project Management - A La Card Consulting Limited

Program Set-Up and Information Technology Card personalization requirements – from data formatting to production file set-up, through to ensuring the final card product meets the required features and its ultimate end-function in the market. Daily communications with suppliers for daily and weekly production updatesCommunication directly with your branches to achieve on-time product delivery and support for their needs.


A La Card Consulting Limited

A LA CARD, as a consultant partner, can do all of the end-to-end project management, without incurring the in-house over-head, staffing costs and related ancillary expenses. Dawn Gallagher Murphy, founder and principal of A LA CARD, is fluently bilingual in French and English. A LA CARD’s expertise and know-how has been built over 7 years of end-to-end card program management.