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By: A G Tannenbaum  09-12-2011
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All CD's and DVD's are warranted to run on properly running CD and/or DVD players on Personal Computers running Microsoft Windows operaating systems, all versions except Vista and System 7.  The latest versions of Windows either need a separate partition to run 16 bit programs or more memory and a System 7 Deluxe version so enaable the computer to run in a "virtual" XP-PRO mode for 16 bit programs.


- (some articles and books in this publication have been duplicated from the Radiophile series CD’s to get a complete sampled reference for antique radio repairing on a single CD).  Over 2,800 pages of antique radio information! A collection of the most important references needed for antique radio repair, troubleshooting and radio theory - all on a single CD. (Contents subject to change without notice). Contents: Theory (Radio Theory & Operating by world famous Mary Texanna Loomis- 848 pgs), National Radio Institute 12 book series - 345 pgs) Technical Reference (GE Receiving Tube Manual - 302 pgs, Tube Substitution Handbook-1977 - 111 pgs, Bernards English Valve Substitution Manual - 44 pgs, 1927 Cunningham radio tube/radio cross reference - 214 pgs, “Reading Radio Diagrams” - 1927 - American Technical  Society - 114 pgs. Radio Repair (Profitable Radio Repairing - 1956 - Marcus - 330 pgs, How it Works, a series of special publications by John F. Rider from his Perpetual Troubleshooter Manuals, Vols   8,9,10,11,15,16,17and PA Manual. - 504 pgs.


John Rider was one of the most prolific electronic publishers of his time. His world famous Perpetual Troubleshooters Manual ensured that fame. However, Rider published many other “MUST” books. This volume contains almost 3,000 pages of pertinent technical and helpful information and the contents are: REA Rider Indexes - over 2 years indexing for our CD-Rom series. This index covers over 50 different manufacturers radios that never appeared in any Rider Troubleshooters index! WIth this index, even MacIntosh users can use the Perpetual Troubleshooters Manual on CD-ROM! (Using a Mac-Compatible image viewer that will view/print Group IV tiff files) - see our website for more detail on the contents of this CD-ROM


schematics and alignment data on most old radios. Over 50 radio manufacturers radio models are included that are not even contained in Mr. Rider’s original indexes! Over two years in the making using high resolution scanning equipment and a powerful database for indexing. Don’t confuse this remarkable series for inferior products that are not database driven. Database search indexing is provided for over 100,000 radios and provides a remarkable resource for finding radio schematics even if you don’t know how to spell the name of the radio or only know just a portion of a model or chassis number. The most comprehensive resource ever produced on repair schematics of old radios. A powerful database allows searching by manufacture or radio name and model number. This is a powerful resource for collectors, repairmen, restorer’s and the like. Schematics may be viewed on the screen and printed to a local printer for personal use. The complete set has 6 CD-Roms. The CD’s contain: V1-V4, V5-V8, V9-V12, V13-V16, V17-V20 and V21-V23. You can use individual CD’s by themselves and do not have to purchase a complete package, but may add any of the other Rider’s CD’s or other REA Radiophile or Antique Radio CD’s to your digital collection at any time.

QST - 85 Years of QST from The American Radio Relay League

- all 85 years of QST covering each magazine from the beginning in 1915 through December issue of 1999. A complete database of every feature and technical article is available for searching using author, name of article, year and issue as search criteria. A wildcard search could be made on all 85 years (when complete) for any technical article with the word SX-28A (Hallicrafters) or a search could be narrowed to only include those years by using the ">1938 and < 1950" which would   return only SX-28A articles between the years of 1938 and 1950! 1970 through 1999 issues are  now available. All years and all sets are currently shipping. Over 1/2 million CD’s of QST have already been sold worldwide and climbing. “The definitive resource on the history of radio”. This publication series on CD-ROM is the dream of a lifetime - to have it all “instantly” available under a powerful database search engine.


- This CD is a unique CD-ROM designed to provide technical and historical information on the R390/R-390A communications receiver.s. Called the most advanced receiver of all time, the venerable R-390series has seen 3 wars and is still in use  in installations throughout the world. This CD-ROM contains both the US Navy and US Army technical manuals. Additionally we have included historical information, resource data, and facts  about the R-390A. - see our website for more detail on the contents of this CD-ROM    .


, The Most Complete Tube Manual Ever Produced - 10 volumes of every kind of tube imaginable with almost 7,000 pages of detailed information not available elsewhere! Consists of Cathode Ray Tubes, Storage Tubes, Monoscope Tubes, Photosensitive Tubes, Thyratrons, Ignitrons, Glow-Discharge Tubes, Receiving Tubes-Industrial Types, Receiving Tubes-Regular Types, SemiConductor Devices, Miscellaneous Tube Types (ie, Klystron, others), and Transmitting Tubes. All on a single CD-ROM designed to be easy to use. Requires Windows any version up to XP running on a personal computer. If you had this 10 volume manual printed at 5 cents per page, it would cost over $ 325 just for copying. This is the reference that you have been waiting for - the most comprehensive, most detailed technical manual every produced for Tubes - brought to you by Radio Era Archives. - see our website for more detail on the contents of this CD-ROM


- almost 3,000 different dial cord diagrams for stringing old radios. Imagine trying to figure out some of these complicated dial string situations. If you repair or restore old radios, we cannot think of a better resource. This CD is comprised of the entire dial cord series produced from 1947 to 1960. The only publication of its kind ever produced and is invaluable to restringing or fixing old broken dial strings in radios. This is a “must-have” technical reference CD-ROM.


: 4,200+ pages - 29 books on old radio technology - a database allows searching by publication name, author, type of publication and year. Content covers radio troubleshooting and techniques, technical reference information and general interest books. The books are viewed on the screen and may be printed to a local printer for personal use. See our website for complete details on this terrific CD-ROM.


Over 5,600 pages! Complete Schematics for Zenith Radios with index, Volumes 1&2 - 1928- 1941, also Complete Set of Hugo Gernsback’s "Official Radio Service Manual", 6 Volumes 1931- 1936 with complete index of all sets in 1936 issue. A database allows searching by publication name, author, type of publication and year. The index for Zenith and Gernsback is retrieved by database selection, and the schematics are viewed on the screen and may be printed to a local printer for personal use. There are hundreds of radios in this series that do not appear in the Riders 23 volumes. An invaluable resource for the serious Radiophile!!

RADIOPHILE - Vol 3 : The latest addition to the Radiophile CD-Series! More great books and references to make your avocation more enjoyable! Driven by REA’s RadioView database that allows searching by publication name, author, type of publication and year. Viewed on the screen like a book with magnification and printing capabilities! A Must CD! Contains the Mallory-Yaxley Radio Encyclopedia, Radio for Everybody, The Radio Manual, RCA Radiotron Designers Handbook, 3d edition, 2-tube substitution manuals and an early RCA Cunningham tube manual. - see our website for more detail on the contents of this CD-ROM


- Many people have asked for this specific book in CD-Electronic form. This is the last version of the famous Radiotron Designers Handbook series and this final version has over 1,600 pages of the most detailed technical information ever assembled in a single publication. Just about everything is here, from the very earliest days of radio to up-to-date information. This book is not for the light at heart and is not “easy reading”. This is a highly technical book and delves into the very depths of electronic circuitry. This book is very hard to find since it has been out of publication since 1952, but Radio Era Archives is proud to bring it back for all time - in digital form.

Amos ‘N Andy Vol. 1

- new audio CD-ROM with lost WWII radio programs. Contains 12 - 30 minute programs on a single CD-ROM. Needs Internet browser, PC or Mac with soundcard and CD-ROM player. Must be able to playback WAVE files. First of a series of great old radio programs that will be a great resource for laughter from now on.


- The Radio Boys live again with all 13 books by Allen Chapman - the most famous of the Radio Boy’s books. Great reading and adventure for young and old. Great gift for persons with radio interest. Simply good entertainment. This is the complete 13 book set including the very rare final edition. Reads just like a book, needs PC with Windows and Internet browser to use this CD-ROM. You can print a page, chapter or the entire book.


- Due to constant requests, we have taken all of the indexing from our Riders 6-CD series and have made it available on CD-ROM. This CD requires using an HTML browser software and either the ability to read a PC text file or PC Excel spreadsheet file. Every radio in this series is alphanumerically listed with the starting and ending “.tif” graphics numbers indication starting page and ending page number for specific schematics. This could be of help to those who want a complete accurate index. The Excel file is preferable due to multiple column spacing and lining up the columns for easy reading.


- The famous series is started with the release of the first four volumes. Vols. 1-8 contain SMS sets 1-25, 26-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-125, 126-150, 151-175 and 176-200. Each set contains between 20 and 40 individual schematics with full service detail. Vol. 1 has the index for sets 1-25, while Vol. 2 will have the index for sets 1-50. The index’s will be cumulative as we add more volumes in the year 2000. SMS are the finest schematics available and generally include redrawn diagrams, exploded views, photographs of chassis and underchassis, parts lists, alignment and more!


- A 4 CD-ROM set containing ALL the COLLINS manuals for amateur communications from 1946 to 1980. Vol. 1 contains Receivers, Vol. 2 contains Transmitters and Amplifiers, Vol. 3 contains Transceivers, and Vol. 4 contains all accessories, VFO’s, Filters, Speakers, etc., etc. Each volume is available individually or as a group at a package price. For Collins restorers and collectors, this is a MUST set of CD’s. Created from the library of Rockwell-Collins Radio.


- this one is for Trans-Oceanic radio lovers. It has EVERY service schematic and alignment information for every Zenith Trans-Oceanic made. It has servicing tips and restoration information as well as a library of pictures of the various Zenith Trans-Oceanic radios. In addition to the Trans-Oceanic schematics, it also has manuals, log sheets, advertising and more. Requires a PC running Windows 95 or later and an Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is a great CD-ROM and a real bargain based on limited availability of many of the models service information.


” - This is the first one Rider created with over 2,750 old radio schematics and service data from radios built from 1920 to 1933. This CD is a stand-alone volume scanned in high resolution to allow, for the first time, clear identification of the smallest component values. For anyone who has used the Riders Manuals, you will know what problems there are with viewing small text in these early volumes. For the early radio buff, this is a MUST CD-RESOURCE.

RCA - Red Book Service Notes Series

- Vols 1-4 contain all equipment manufactured from 1923-1928, 1929-1932, 1933-1936, and 1937-1940. This is the technical series that is so hard to find, collectors just won’t give them up! The books have extreme technical data as well as operating instructions for all of RCA equipment covered during the years covered by the 4 volumes. We will add later books sometime in 2001. If you are into old radios, these books have more detail than you will find anywhere else about old radios.


- a compendium of military technical manuals and reference books. Each CD contains over 2,300 pages of technical manuals produced by the military for these radios.

THE HALLICRAFTERS CD - a compendium of over 125 original factory manuals and early Riders service information. Most of the manuals are factory manuals with full specifications, pictures, theory of operation, alignment data, technical information, parts lists, schematic diagrams and more.


- just about every record changer service data from the earliest ones up to about 1960. Compiled from John Riders Record Changer Manual and 12 other books, if you like to keep those changers working, this CD is for you!

SPECIALTY CD’S: These are specific one item technical of information manuals as described

Collins Radio 618-T

technical manual CD-ROM

Collins Radio 651-S1

technical manual CD-ROM

Collins R-1051B

technical manual CD-ROM

National Radio (Military) R1490/GRR17


Collins Radio R648/ARR41 3 Manual CD-ROM

US Navy AN/SRR-11_12_13_13A CD-ROM

1929 Commerce Dept (US Government) Ham Radio Call Boo


Collins Radio AN/ART13

technical CD-ROM

Military RBB/RBC

technical CD-ROM

Collins Radio SSB Principals/Circuits

CD-ROM - The “Bible” of SSB by Pappenfus, Breune, and Schoenike

Collins Radio - Military AN/ARC54

technical CD-ROM

Collins Radio - Military AN/ARC-51X

technical CD-ROM


- New Riders series Volumes 1-23 all on one DVD-ROM - use it just like a set of books, comes with Riders index, look up your radio, find volume and page numbers, open correct volume, search for correct pages, then you can view, enlarge, rotate and print the schematic. This is not a database driven system like our standard CD-ROM (6-CD’s) series. Only $ 199 for the complete Riders volumes 1-23.

RCA Training Institute Radio Course

on CD-ROM - took us years to find this fantastic electronics course designed for radio repair basics - truly a fantastic course produced by REA for CD-ROM publication. Hundreds of these sold just in 2008.  Only $ 99
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