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By: A Friend Of Mine  09-12-2011
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The idea for “A Friend of Mine” services originated from the realized need for quality maintenance, cleaning, homemaking, and yard care services for busy senior citizens and people with disabilities. The company's main focus is to provide the services necessary to maintain their homes as well as their health and safety and provide any services that will help to prevent any lack of companionship or loneliness. An example of the companionship services is a service that requires visits to a nursing home where we will walk, feed, read books etc. to residents. Where feasible transport the resident out of the facility for visits, meals, etc.

We provide a range of essential services to seniors or people with disabilities, which include meal preparation, companionship, transportation, shopping, housekeeping, basic computer training, organizing, downsizing and more. We help seniors and people with disabilities to live independently in the community which we live in. We aim to provide dependable, personal, caring services at reasonable prices.

“A Friend of Mine” is a family business operated by Leah Lywood. Our family has lived, volunteered and contributed to this community for a century and a half. We all have one thing in common, to try to make life happy and as stress free as can be achieved. When “A Friend of Mine” service professional enters your home, you are assured that they are friendly and bondable.

“A Friend of Mine” is committed to assisting our clients in maintaining a clean, safe, productive and healthy living environment. The following lists are a few examples of the services we offer and provide.


* Assist in downsizing, packing, and other moving arrangements when required.
* Clean, organize, and separate closets, cupboards etc., and areas necessary.
* Help with simple daily functions.
* Basic computer functions.
* House sitting.
* Plan special events.
* Gardening/yard maintenance year round.
* Teach computer usage.
* And more..


* Assist to coordinate outings.
* Attend/transport to appointments.
* General and grocery shopping.
* Visit friends or family.
* Travel plans.
* And more…


* Nursing home visits.
* Attend restaurants and other venues together.
* Assist with reading.
* House work/meal preparation and clean up.
* Care of animals.
* Play games/cards.
* Watch movies.
* Walks.
* And more…

Light Housekeeping

* Organize bills and letters for mailing.
* Provide light housekeeping.
* Laundry.
* Garbage/recycle removal.
* Change bedding/towels/linens.
* Dry Cleaning.
* Dusting.
* Clean floors.
* Dishes, load unload dishwashers.
* And more…

When to call us?
If you are a senior who is 55 years of age and older (or a family member needing a helping hand for a loved one) wanting independence or you are in need of support to live on your own, or people with disabilities that require assistance such as people afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, etc., we can help. For example, you could call us if:
* You feel isolated and alone.
* You need help with basic household chores and preparing meals.
* You or someone you are caring for needs assistance.
* You need help getting the services you need.
* You need transportation.
* You are moving and downsizing.
* Basic computer skills training.
* Yard care for every season.
* Plan a special event.
* Assist in reading.
* You would like companionship (such as walks, pet care, watch movies, play cards, etc.).
* And much more…

Call “A Friend of Mine” and see how we can provide a service for you or your loved one to make life a little simpler.

Basic Housecleaning Package

Basic Cleaning:
”A Friend Of Mine” provides cleaning services to seniors throughout the Kawartha Lakes area at very competitive rates.

We clean your house, meticulously and thoroughly. We are very detail oriented and will provide you a comprehensive cleaning service with attention to your specific cleaning instructions, ensuring your home will be cleaned carefully and completely to your satisfaction every time. Each room in your home (including bathrooms) will be dusted, vacuumed, and scrubbed spic and span with each visit.

Cobweb removal, shower interior and exterior, dust items, fridge exterior, mirrors, stove exteriors, vacuum floors, counter tops, wash floors, de-scum soap dishes, & bathtub interior and exterior.

Note: All of my regular clients will receive a 10%discount on their next cleaning appointment when they refer a new client that books any of our available services for a minimum of 2 hours. Make sure your referrals advise me when they call to book an appointment, who sent them.

Premium Housecleaning Package

Deep Cleaning:
We clean thoroughly as the list below demonstrates and if there is something specific or out of the ordinary required to be done, please advise us as there are some items not listed. We maximize efficiency while providing a deep and thorough cleaning during each visit. Some of the services included are:

Cobweb removal, appliance surfaces, dust items, fridge exterior, mirrors, counter tops, window ledges, de-scum soap dishes, light switches, bathtub interior and exterior, door handles, shower interior and exterior, banisters, all chrome shined in bathroom/kitchen, baseboards, vacuum sofas, vacuum floors, wash floors, empty garbage's, cupboards, microwave ovens, soak burners, & stove exteriors (Request stove interiors.).

Kitchens: counter tops, appliances, sinks, floors, back splashes, cabinets, inside of cupboards, closets etc.
Bathrooms: tubs, showers, glass, tile, floors, toilets, walls, and fixtures.
Floors: vinyl, wood, and tile are thoroughly vacuumed and mopped.
Carpets: vacuumed and spot cleaned if necessary.
Dusting: furniture, railings, baseboards, sills, fixtures, and decor.
Spot Removal: smudges/fingerprints from light covers, glass doors, and door frames.
Polishing: furniture and brass.
*Wall washing and window cleaning services available under separate bid.

Keywords: disabilities, Floors