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By: Sask Watershed Authority  09-12-2011
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The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority is responsible for the management of both surface water and ground water in the province, including approving and licensing water use projects, as well as reviewing project proposals which may impact the quality of source water. Staff undertake hydrologic, hydrogeologic and other studies for a number of purposes including water supply availability, flood hazard assessment, drainage dispute resolution, flood forecasting, operation planning and impact assessment.

Call your nearest Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Office for information/advice on the following:

  • Water Use Approvals
  • Water Supply Concerns
  • Water Control and Erosion
  • Drainage Concerns or Issues
  • Ground Water Information
  • Lake Level Elevations
  • River Flow Rates
  • Reservoir Development Area Approvals
  • Rural Water Quality Advisory Program
  • Water Supply and Flood Forecasting

Ground and Surface Water Rights

Every person wishing to commence construction, alteration, extension or operation of works, and the right to use water, requires Authority approval. The Authority issues approvals for the construction and operation of water works and issues water rights for the sustainable use of ground water and surface water for domestic, municipal (source water only), agricultural, industrial, recreation and wildlife purposes.

A person owning or occupying land that adjoins a lake, stream, storage pond, dugout or ground water source is not required to obtain an approval for domestic purposes. A domestic water use purpose is defined as water that is to be used for household and sanitary purposes, farm chemical spraying, watering lawns and gardens, and water used for non-intensive livestock and poultry operations.

Drainage Development

The Authority approves the construction of works intended to drain surface water.

Drainage Disputes

The Authority investigates complaints filed by a landowner against existing or proposed works intended to drain surface water and determines how the complaint is to be resolved.

Keywords: water quality

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