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By: Sanders Sound Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sound, Design Philosophy, Speaker Cables


At Sanders Sound Systems, we make no extravagant or false statements about our interconnects. We don't claim that they sound better than any other well-designed interconnect. What we DO claim is that they are the very finest quality and are superbly engineered. And we sell them at a reasonable price.

Our speaker cables are specifically designed to NOT alter the frequency response or sound quality of your loudspeakers. We believe that the speaker manufacturer knows how to get the best sound from his speakers and that we should not interfere with his design.

Keywords: Design Philosophy, Sound, Speaker Cables

Other products and services from Sanders Sound Systems


Innersound Eros Speaker Upgrade Kit

In response to the many requests from Innersound customers to upgrade their original Eros, we have created a kit. Custom Velcro for both the Eros cabinet and the new panels/grill covers for easy installation. Pair of our latest Ultra Stat* panel to replace the original perforated metal panel. Pair of new cloth Grill Covers.


Price List for all current Sanders Sound System Products

Free World-Wide Shipping to Direct Sale Customers. Innersound EROS Panel and Crossover upgrade kit. 30 Day In-Home Risk Free Trial.


Sanders Sound Systems Products

There is no way that the parts, performance, or design costs of these amplifiers or cables justify such prices. Audio products are priced at unconscionably high levels. Innersound EROS Panel and Crossover upgrade kit.


Electrostatic Speakers

He quickly appreciated the superior performance that a massless electrostatic offered over conventional magnetic speakers with regards to low distortion, lack of resonances, and incredible detail. To eliminate the usual customer complaint about having to buy two amplifiers to operate bi-amped speakers, Sanders supplies a bass amplifier as part of each speaker system.


Sanders Sound Systems Amplifiers

They are then cut and milled on the CNC milling machine along with all holes drilled and tapped before they head out to local company for bead blasting and then off to be anodized. Electrostatic loudspeakers are very differ­ent from conventional mag­netic speakers and place unusual and difficult demands on the way amplifiers deliver power to them.


Sanders Sound Systems Preamplifier

The goal of a true audiophile grade preamplifier is to offer gain, switching, and other conveniences, while at the same time passing the original signal downstream without adding distortion, noise, or a sonic signature of its own. The display continually shows the output level of the unit and switches automatically to show level differences between channels, when you adjust the balance, or when you adjust the input levels.